Everyday Everywhere make sure of love again
sono tabi kimochi tsukaete kono uta de
Everyday Everytime anata e todokeru yo
koisuru RIZUMU itsu made mo nari tsudzukete

-Rosaka Riyu

"Contemplating something?"

The soft voice cut through Kazuya's consciousness, and he looked up to see a tall brunette walking toward his desk, deep blue eyes trained on him. The fact that Kazuya hadn't heard him come in didn't come as much of a surprise. He rubbed a hand over his black hair and sighed.

"Sneaking up on me again I see, Ishida."

"I have a right, don't I?" Ishida asked. He gave a slightly cryptic grin and then leaned forward slightly, gently brushing a lock of Kazuya's hair from his face. He jumped at the touch "I happened to be in the house anyway, taking care of your affairs as usual."

"Don't get smart with me, Ishida-san," Kazuya rubbed his temples. "I'm really not in the mood for it. When he looked back up at his friend, the man's blue eyes were glittering.

"I think what you need is a bit of time to relax," he informed Kazuya. "There's a hot tub in your master bedroom, but I can't help but get the feeling you've never used it. Why don't you take some time off from all this tedious paperwork and unwind for a bit?

"I can't take time off right now, Ishida-san. It's April, and you know as well as I do that this is the busiest business month of the year for the company. I can't afford to take time off when things are getting so hectic. I need to manage these accounts."

"I really don't see why you insist on managing the account by yourself. But at any rate, paperwork can't walk, Kazuya-san. It'll still be there when you get back, and I especially don't think it's going to matter too much if you're only gone for an hour or so. Come on, you really look like you could use a bit of down time for once in your life," Ishida moved closer to Kazuya so he was barely a foot away from his desk chair, and the black-haired man looked up at him, a vein in his temple pulsing.

"Ishida-san, really. I didn't expect you of all people to suggest something so very reckless. You're just as much a part of my company as I am by being so close to the family, so you know exactly what I mean when I say I can't spare any free time. This very important and--"

"And maybe something else is more important…" Ishida had moved behind him and his long, lean fingers slipped to Kazuya's shoulders. "Like your health, for instance. All this stress can't be good for you, especially at your age," Ishida's jet-black ears twitched mischievously.

"I'm 37, Ishida," Kazuya snapped, slightly offended by the allegation made by his associate. "And you're not much younger yourself. That's really not something appropriate to say in a professional situation."

"But what's professional about this?" Ishida purred, and startled, Kazuya looked up at him as he slowly started to massage his shoulders, gentle fingers dancing gracefully across the knots and tightness in his muscles. Gray eyes widened as Ishida leaned down and nipped at Kazuya's soft white ear, and the ebony-haired man jumped.

"Ishida-san!" slightly shaken, Kazuya stood up, sending a slight glare in his direction as he moved away from the desk. "What in the world are you doing?"

"Nothing," Ishida told him with an apologetic smile. "I must have gotten carried away. I apologize, Kazuya-san," but there was a tinge of amusement in his eyes and voice that Kazuya didn't miss. The two men locked eyes for just a moment before Ishida turned away. "My mistake."

"Certainly," Kazuya told him, taking a seat back at his desk as Ishida moved toward the door. But as Ishida left the office, he chuckled slightly, a small smile on his lips. Though Kazuya was an almost impossible rose to pick, he knew that it was indeed only a matter of time.


"Oh my god, I can't even wait!" Noriko jumped slightly as he spoke. His enthusiasm startled Ishida momentarily, and he wondered for a beat why he had accepted their invitation. Going to Yokohama with a bunch of teenagers was not a normal way for a thirty-something businessman to spend his Sunday. But he had found it rather hard to ignore Noriko's invitation, especially when he had seemed like he genuinely wanted Ishida to come along. And Akira's small, earnest smile seemed to speak the same truth as well. And so here he was, blinking in the bright sun on a Sunday afternoon surrounded by a group of chattering teenagers. "Are you alright, Ishida-san?"

"Oh… of course," he gave Noriko a small smile. "I just don't know if it was a good idea for me to tag along, is all."

"Of course it was a good idea!" Noriko assured him, patting him on the arm. "Akira and I wanted you to come! He's known you since he was little, but I haven't really gotten to know you yet, and I probably should. You're almost a member of the family, after all."

Ishida smiled. This boy certainly had a way of making people feel comfortable with little effort. He began to relax, feeling a little less out of place as he scanned the small group he had come with. Maybe this day was going to be as enjoyable as Noriko had assured him on Monday when he had asked him to come along. Akira seemed more at home around others than he ever had before as well, smiling brightly in a way that was almost not restrained. His excitement was more evident than Ishida had ever seen it. Maybe having Noriko around was really going to be better than he had first assumed.

"We're going to do everything, right!?" Chiaki shrieked in excitement as the small group stepped off the ferry that had taken them to Yokohama, cutting into the exchange between them. "We're going to ride the rickshaw and wear kimonos and watch Chinese drama and… and…" she was babbling so excitedly that she was out of breath, and Ran placed a hand on top of her head.

"Calm down, Chiaki-chan, or you won't have enough energy left to do anything," he reminded her, but she dismissed his concerns with a wave of her hand.

"I never run out of energy! Right, Chiru-kun!?" the girl asked excitedly of the small blonde boy that clung to her fluffy pink skirt. He was a smaller mirror of her, complete with the wavy blonde hair and pale pink ears, which were now twitching in excitement. He nodded at his sister, large lavender eyes widening.

"Of course," Chiru assured the rest of the group before disappearing back under the folds of her skirt. Chiaki sighed.

"Chiru, come out from under there! You can't hide all day, right? You won't have any fun if you're trying to stay away from everybody!"

"But it's scary!" Chiru protested with a soft whimper. Moving over to the two of them, Noriko knelt carefully and placed a hand on the boy's head. Tearfully, Chiru looked up into the violet-haired boy's face, still clutching his sister's skirt.

"Hey, Chiru-kun, how old are you?" Noriko asked conversationally, and a bit more of Chiru's face appeared.

"Um… I'm ten," he told the older boy proudly, and Noriko nodded.

"You're almost a grown-up! So that means you don't have to be afraid of meeting new people. Plus, we brought you along because we think you're really cool!"

"Really?" Chiru had appeared almost completely now, and his eyes were glittering as Noriko smiled warmly at him.

"That's right… you're the coolest. You're… the prince of coolness!" Noriko assured him, giving him a confident smile. Chiru looked delighted, and dropped the skirt entirely.

"Yaaaay, I'm the prince!" he said happily, prompting passerby to turn and stare. He leaped at Noriko, who caught him and laughed, hoisting him up onto his shoulders. Chiru laughed happily from his perch. "And Noriko-san can be my princess!"

Noriko smiled. "Sure. Where to, your highness?"

"Um… can we try on kimonos first!? Uh… please?" the small boy asked, taking hold of Noriko's ears for support. The older boy laughed and turned his attention back to the others.

"Is that okay with you guys?" he asked cheerfully. The small group assented to the demands of the small bundle of enthusiasm that was currently perched on the violet-haired twin's shoulders. Noriko slid an arm around his blushing brother's shoulders, and the small unit moved off in the direction of the gates of China Town.

Ishida couldn't help but think that this was going to be a rather interesting afternoon.

Woo, I updated quick XD I'm so happy with how this story is going, and I'm also so happy that so many of you have been reading it! Thanks so much for all the support. I'll update again soon!

By the way, I've been playing the game "Asada Story" recently, and Chiaki is my character on there XD She's so cute! And random info: the lyrics from the beginning are from Rosaka Riyu's "Candy", which is the theme song for Street Angel. You should listen to the song... it's so cute!