If Only We Knew



If I could edit clips of life,

I'd take all the moments where we were together

Assemble them all in one large file

And it would warm me in stormy weather.


Those few moments, some clear, some not,

Are so precious, close to my heart.

Although in context they were benign

Just being around you makes me not want to part.


You are what makes me ecstatic to wake,

And whenever I'm sad, I imagine your eyes.

You're what makes tomorrow better than today

And yet, I wonder: Do you even realize?


Do you know that you mke me able to fly?

Are you aware that I do love you?

Will you ever be aware of what I dream?

The real question is, Do you love me too?


What makes me think you reciprocate?

Just fleeting glances across crowded rooms

And words from someone who's on my side

I'm reluctant to believe, hope creates many dooms.


We rarely talk, but in those few times

The only one I see is you.

Once the conditional, twice the reverse,

But now it is both: If Only We Knew