A Plan



I was brought up one day

Up to an angel's point of view.

And in the sky,

Miles above the Earth,

I saw.


I saw a child teased in a schoolyard,

Her dress billowing as she ran from the jungle gym.

I saw white boys harassing a Negro,

Tears of hate coming as fast as the insults,

Flying off his cheeks as he launches a punch at the leader.


I saw a man in an office,

Giving up on his life's dream.

I saw a 5th grader working on a project,

Throwing the papers to the floor,

Shouting, "I don't understand!"


I saw a husband shouting at his wife,

His empty beer bottles strewn on the floor.

I saw a boy listening at the door,

Silent tears trickling down his face.


I saw a girl sitting on her bed,

Her blood-covered razor held at her arm.

I saw a teen looking at tear-streaked papers,

Glancing from his report card to his girlfriend's final letter,

His hand reaching for the revolver,

Pulling the trigger to stop his broken heart.


Everywhere I looked there was grief.

A girl looking in the mirror at her unidealistic figure,

A woman deciding on an abortion,

A young private dying on the battlefield,

A 50-year-oldbattling cancer.


I asked the one who brought me,

"Isn't there one happy moment,

One joyful time,

One peaceful hour?"


Then I was shown a criminal in a church service.

Then came the altar call.

The sinner came forth

And confessed his sins.


I realized what my guide brought me to realize.

Even though things look bleak

And the world seems out of control,

There is one who loves you,

One who cares about you,

One who gave everything for you.

God has a plan.