We just can't wait to leave G by Disneyluver

Summary: this is a parody of the disneymania version of "I just can't wait to be king" from Disney's The Lion King. I wrote this parody all by my-

Louise (smacks her): Dingbat! We wrote it together

Oww. What did do that for, Weezy?

Louise (smacks her head with a large mallet between words, like Mrs. Figg does to Mundungus in Order of the Phoenix): Don't... Call.. Me... Weezy.…or …I … will Pummel… you...flat …and … Kick... your . butt !!

(Numerous lumps the size of apples appear on her head where Louise's mallet hit) no need to get your knickers in a twist. Okay so I didn't write myself. Louise, my friend fellow G (RV's post secondary program ) graduate helped write it with me

Louise: thank you (walks away)

(Rubs her head) to quote Jim Carrey from How the Grinch Stole Christmas: OWWWWWWIE. that's gonna leave a mark. Anyways, where was i? It takes place when we were about to leave G in June 2006. This spoof includes 2006 G Grads, 2005 G grads and non-grads. Grads' lines are in bold. Names have been switched to protect people's privacy. Please read and review. thanks

G grads: Come on! Let's celebrate!

Daryl: you said it!

Rachel: Just beyond the campus boundaries

Adam: A few days down the line

Jackie: The coveted G diploma

Louise: is gonna be mine (high fives Disneyluver)

Ben: We'll be totally respected

Kami: From the teachers to Team 1B

Disneyluver: They'll all be lining up

Chrissy: yeah right (Disneyluver ignores her)

Disneyluver: To get advice from me!

Adam : It's gonna be an awesome jubilee (all the grads cheer)

Lee: Oh, we just can't wait to leave G

Caitlin: We're gonna be the greatest class

Parker: So independent living programs beware

Jeff: We've patiently waited all this time

Disneyluver: All we need is a bit more hair ( yanks a handful of Derek's hair out)

Derek: OWWW!

Sam: we're gonna be the main event

Karen: Like no class before

Jasmine: We're brushing up on our pomping (G grads groan)

Ingrid: Ha ha!

Elizabeth: have fun at grad practice!

Naomi: sucks to be you !

Chrissy: nyah, nayh. We don't have to suffer (G grads curse under their breath)

Louise: let's see how they like it next year

Laurie: I'll be dashing out the door

Seth: Every one will be full o' envy

Erin: rub it in why don't you? (G grads stick out their tongues and give her raspberries)

Orion: Oh, we just can't wait to leave G

Willow: No staff sayin' do this

Carrie: No staff telling us to be there

Amber: No staff saying do that

Lee: No staff saying see here

Andy: Free to plan out our day

Derek: Free to do things our way

G Grads: We want to leave G

Clair(under her breath): I wish I could too

Ken: No staff saying do this

Nancy: No staff telling us to be there

Rachel: No staff saying do that

Sam: No staff saying see here

Robbie: Free to plan out our day

Nicky: Free to do things our way (kisses robbie)

Chrissy: oh, come on! That's no fair!

Louise: The time has come

Karen : As our staff have said

Daryl: To talk of the graduation to come

G Grads: yuck

Caitlin: this is totally true

G grads: What a load of Sh-(sees staff looking at them) shitake mushroom

Elizabeth: Ha ha! You nearly cursed in front of the staff

Disneyluver: yeah, but we get to call them by there first names soon

Chrissy and Elizabeth: Grrr, you suck

Disneyluver: and how is that news to me?

Robert: I'd rather stick to talkin' bout my freedom

Phil: It's easy to be a graduate

Parker: If you already think you're fine

Cain: It isn't just my left

Jeff: Even our right will be divine

Disneyluver: We can hardly wait til Mrs. B says "I now pronounce you alumni of RV". Oh, we just can't wait to leave G

Phil: We just can't wait to leave G.

Chloe: Oh oh..

Louise: We just can't wait to leave G

Jackie: Freedom at last!

G grads: HECK YEAH! (G grads jump into the air like the image on the "High school musical 3" poster)