I open my mouth slightly,
wanting you to taste the sunshine under my tongue,
cutting yours on the stars I hide there,
woven together like other people's dreams.

I close my eyes, waiting,
wanting you to twine your fingers into mine,
weaving a web I can't escape alive,
tighter than the web of lies I've woven around you.

I let myself fall, slipping
into the rhythm of passion and misplaced trust,
wanting you to break my ribs in your carelessness,
wanting you to want me enough to forget that it's only reckless abandon.

I bite my tongue, smiling,
letting you taste the very life of me, so bitter,
as I kiss the saltiness from your throat,
leave lip prints in fading crimson.

I want you in way I never knew,
lashing stars together between my teeth
to draw you in and trap you inside all of me
as I bleed from needle marks you'll never notice.

I'm testing my limits recklessly,
wanting you to feel the power of lust,
passion incinerating your bones to gravedust
as your heart tattoos a beat of hesitant anticipation.

I hide under my fingernails,
wanting happily ever after in a moment
without chains forged of iloveyous and maybes,
just the juicy tang of sunshine under my tongue.