The Team

The Team

Chapter 1:

The whirl of the helicopter blades roared over everything else, but it didn't matter anyways, no one was trying to talk to each other. Everyone here was a trained killer, but nobody was happy with what they were about to do. The helicopter barely touched down as three men wearing goggles jumped out of it, a single shot rang out of the night and a 'clank' was heard as it ricocheted off the helicopter. The three men moved effortlessly through the night, having done this hundreds of times before, but this time there was a bitter silence between them.

They moved through the village silently as dogs were barking in the distance and men's voices as they shouted at the dogs to be silent in a strange and harsh language. The men came to a house in the village that was obviously owned by a wealthier man than the others in the village and the leader of this group held up his outstretched hand and the group stopped. He paused for a moment, as if resolving an internal conflict, and made a few signals with his hand. One man moved around the house and after a few minutes all of the lights in the house went out as the man rejoined the group.

One of the men waiting outside the door silently picked the lock and moved in silently with his goggles glowing lightly in the pitch black as the others followed him. They moved up to the next floor and began clearing room when a shot rang out in the dark and all hell broke loose. The next few minutes were chaos, the men wearing goggles were taking cover behind plants and railings while the leader still gave orders in his silent hand language. Suddenly one of the men wearing goggles fell and a pool of blood formed around his helmet and his body lay there motionless, he was obviously dead. A high-pitched screech echoed through the house as the second man wearing goggles was shot through the stomach and his screams filled the house. The leader got up to go help his fallen friend, but consequently he was shot in the leg twice as his MP5 flew out of his hands and down the stairs. The leader hit the ground hard and heard slow footsteps echoing towards him as the shooting stopped. He saw a man's feet walk towards his wounded comrade, this strange man stopped and one shot rang out as his friend was killed in cold blood. The leader knew what was coming and began to pray to god, he wasn't usually very spiritual but this changed things, as the strange man's feet began to walk toward him. "You knew this wouldn't work out the way you planned it, you were always an inferior leader, you could never see that they were just using us to do their dirty work, they never thanked us at all, we never got any credit for anything!"

"Please Joe, you don't want to do this, we've saved each other's lives so many times I've lost count! Please, you…"

"Stop, I've had enough of this mindless chit chat, we both know how this is going too end." And as he said this the leader heard the cocking of gun as it was pointed at his head…