Graduated Friend

She is a year ahead of me
And soon she will be gone
I don't know what will remain
I pray that somehow we keep in touch

But what is friendship in High School?
How long does it last?
Will I ever learn to forget?
Or has she made an impact on my life?

She can't wait to move on
To chase a dream she only just realized
She will follow her heart to the future
I pray that she doesn't forget about me

What does friendship mean?
How does one gain Friends?
I ask these though I have close friends,
Yet at the same time, we are vastly apart.

I suppose a friend is a friend forever,
If the Lord is the Lord of them
And I shouldn't say never,
Cause the friendship will not end.

Spur of the moment, glancing around and realizing that one of my friends at school is graduated very, very shortly. my last year of school is going to be a lonely one.