Forever Forgiven

Emmy Kowsy has a secret. Something that torments her every day of her life. After almost a year and half of hiding it she's finally breaking down into a deep and darkening depression. Charlie, a classmate, can only help but wonder what her story is and why he's the only one who seems to notice the black and blue marks. Travel with Emmy as she stumbles in the darkness of drugs, life, and pain with one terrible secret tagging along for the ride.


Emmy Kowsy spun the dial of her locker as the hallways were engulfed with high school students. She enjoyed the roar of voices blending into a single murmur and the bustling sounds of slamming lockers.

She felt a familiar touch around her waist and a familiar voice in her ear.


He spun her around until she faced him and pushed her up against the locker door, lightly pecking her lips. Chris Jackson, her boyfriend. She managed to smile even though her arm was still in pain.

"H-hey," she stuttered, turning back around and shutting her locker. Chris leaned into her ear.

"Meet me after school, in the usual spot."

Emmy quietly nodded and awkwardly squeezed her way out of his embrace and headed down the hallway. The hairs on her arms were still standing up and her heart was racing.

For such a publicly loving couple, poor Emmy seemed scared.

Emmy was a good girl.

She brushed her teeth before she went to bed and did all her homework.

When she received a text message from Chris saying that he would not be in school the next day because he got suspended for 3 days, Emmy was not surprised. After a year and a half with Chris she's learned to adapt to his sudden mishaps and screw-ups.

She met Chris last year at the movies.

He was the dazzling 9th grader with a gorgeous body and messy dirty blonde hair. She was the attractive 8th grader with exotic skin color and hair that caught attention.

He asked her out that very same day.

After almost two years of being with him Emmy could never remember what it was like before she met him. He was always in her head. He was in her dreams.

He was in her nightmares…

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