Emmy never imagined her first year of high school would be like this. She imagined boys, friends, and good grades. Though, Emmy had caught many, many boy's attentions, she seemed to see right through them. Chris was a rock. Hard and solid and seemed to be the only one Emmy could not look beyond, now she knows why. Chris's ego matched his authority and what his mindset was when it came to a relationship. Each blow to Emmy's body, was a build up to what he imagined himself to be. Powerful. Emmy was not about to let him do that…Emmy used to think she had a better disciplined mind. Apparently, the weed smoking and parties seemed to bypass easily. When Emmy's head was fully of smoke and Michael was leaning his chin on her shoulder Emmy would imagine the future. Everything perfect, not a flaw in sight. But you can't fly forever, and Emmy knew soon enough something else would come and bring her down. Even lower than Chris had.

Emmy was not stable. She got racing heartbeats out of the blue, and would frantically think of anything and everything that could go bad. Emmy was ruining herself, her mind, and her body. Beautiful Emmy. Emmy wore a masquerade mask. Studded with diamonds and black feathers. She hid everything behind the mask. Just as Charlie started to chip the edges away Emmy had told him to get lost and leave him alone. Charlie did not have his mind in the right places. He was not determined to save Emmy like a novel superhero should be. Charlie was a normal teenage boy with a life that did not include Emmy's personal issues. Though, he saw it in her eyes, he said nothing and moved on.

Emmy was somewhere far away. In a sea of green grass and a single apply tree. Leaning against the trunk, Emmy sealed away her heart. The blood seeped through the paper and dripped as Emmy buried it in Mother Earth's soft skin. Patting the ground flat and watching the grass grow over the hole and forever hide her heart, she held her hand over the gash that was left in her chest. Walking away from the tree, into the endless meadow, Emmy wondered if she could walk until the end of the earth, and down a tremendous waterfall, and then she'd be free. Over her shoulder she looked at the tree, she wondered if a new tree would grow. A tree that held bloody red hearts, and screamed "Emmy."

The End

Well that's it for this one everyone! I'm so glad you all enjoyed my story, I've read every single one of your reviews. I love love love your feedback!! I hope you liked the ending, it seemed like the right way to end the story. I know it's a bit of a cliffhanger, but use your imagination and make it what you think it is! This may be the end of Emmy's story, but I do plan to keep writing new stories so just look out for them. Thanks!!