Not Happy Yet

Silent and discredited
Distant and disinterested
The world merely echoes in my mind

This content
This contradiction
This calling for a little something more

This absence
This non-conviction
This stalling for a heart to pour

To hate the love of pleasure and pain
Too late, enough of fissure disdain

Here's to another time
I write about how I've run out of things to write about
Here's to the lover's lie
I've never felt the way I never felt like I never felt it before
And never again

This simple sober light
It's gonna stay out tonight
I've got no feelings to fight
And it doesn't even feel unright
It just doesn't feel right

So show me
Just how I'm supposed to get close to me
Just show me
Anything to make this more interesting

So I'm screaming
Silence broken
Empty but spoken
Yes, I'm screaming
Give me something to feel

Just show me
The hows and whys of how it's gonna be
Please show me
Anything that might be worth investing
Everything that you and I might be