I'm annoyed. So effing annoyed.

I'm a paranoid kid with a knack for breaking rules. Added to the fact is I don't care for sissy rules.

But what annoys me is not the rule, to be frank it is me who annoys them. No, it's Hiver that pissed me off.

That Daoist asshole. Not that I have anything against religion of course. He's actually just any other anime and hentai obsessed kid who likes pissing me off. It's like his life goal or something. To top that he's a self obsessed egoist.

You would not believe how low he can get just to get what he want without showing him being inferior.

But that's straining from the topic. Let me tell you what how he freaking pissed me off.

Four weeks ago my worry-free world had been invaded by his 'oh so superior' presence. I was calmly ignoring him and minding my own business. Which at that time had been, and still is, my favorite pastime - drawing. I'm a pretty good artist and I'm not ashamed to say I'm good. Because I am.

Long before that time we had been friends actually, or at least were in the same group. Even though he's also stoic then. I didn't care. It all came to a stop when after a certain event I snapped at him and he never spoke to me again. Shallow, I know. I tried speaking to him but he kept on ignoring me.

So I ignored him back.

Then four fucking weeks ago he just had to ruin my peace of mind.

As I said, I wasn't paying attention to him when he suddenly went. "Are you doing commissions outside conventions?"

"Yes, I do" I had to answer him. Told you I was a good artist, people pay me to draw for them but I mostly go to conventions for that stuff.

"I want you to draw something for me, I don't trust myself to draw something as crucial." Yup, you heard it, he is a drawing artist too. But in my eyes then, since I still hated him, he was a noob.

"What is it?"

"Just a guy standing at around this angle and is covering one of his eyes with his palm." He said "Oh and its should look like me since it's a caricature."

"You want me to draw an anime version of you, in that pose?"

"Meh, I admit I'm not as good as you. I'll pay you so do it."

Well, I thought, he is paying me. So of course I agreed. Normally a line art like his request would take around thirty minutes to one hour but since I felt sadistic I said I'll do it when I feel inspired.

He asked for a line art of course. I may be a good artist but I sure as hell suck at coloring. I hate coloring. I even have my kohai do it for me for heaven's sake and I'm the one who should be teaching her! I knew he was better at photoshop coloring anyway so why the hell not? Besides, a line art is half the price of a colored one.

And that was when hell started.


"Are you finished with the commission now?"

"Nope, will do it later" I totally have him at the palm of my hands. Then I continued talking to my best friend (in class) Asphodel.

"I'm paying you to draw not speak to that obaa-san"

"What the hell??" Asphodel called out. "Why are you butting in!"

"Because I'm higher than you are"

Asphodel snorted. "Oh please. Claironde here is way better than you at drawing. What makes you higher than him?"

"I never said I'm higher than him, I just said I'm higher than you."

"Stop it Hiver. I'll do it on my free time during your History class." I said, exasperated with their banting.

"Good, I'll be expecting it after my class." He walked off in his 'Oh so superior' manner. coughs

I went to the library after our Civilization class. I had been a transferee and had finished History in my former school so there would be no point in me taking it anymore. And I was too lazy anyway so I welcome all the free time I could get. Even if I just spend most of my time in class drawing.

Hiver gave me his 'special' mechanical pencil which used blue lead. Normally Blue lead is too expensive for me, but he was rich no doubt so he lent it to me.

I drew the image he ordered. And by some weird force I drew more than his request. I got another sheet and drew something I normally wouldn't draw - perverted stuff.

It had to be his pencil! I know it sounds stupid of me to blame his pencil for making me draw such obscenities but what else could I do? He was an unashamed pervert and having his pencil in my hands somehow inspired me to draw his favorite hobby. It had to be!

After their dismissal I went to their class and thrust the sheet at him, the commission one of course - I'll be damned before he sees the hentai piece.

"I don't like it"


"I don't like the eyes and the body"

"The hell??" And he proceeded to show me via the images in his PSP how he wanted his commission drawn.

"Fine fine" I exhaled "I'll do it tomorrow"

"I expect it tomorrow" he said in his usual monotone.

I wasn't really pissed, I knew how he wanted his art. The level he had not achieved. Unfortunately the level he wanted can only be done when I'm doodling, serious stuff don't get that beautiful in my case it seems.


The next day I was happily doodling when he stated out of the blue. "Why can't your commission be as beautiful as this?"

"Because" was all the answer I gave him, not even bothering to look in his direction. He wants stoic, he gets stoic.

"Fine then, Since I like this drawing I'll take it" And he proceeded to go through my memo pad and took two pieces from my doodle collection. One of them being the gore piece I was currently drawing and planned to give to Asphodel. She was a total gore fan and I draw gore when I'm depressed. Honestly I hate gore, I just draw them when I'm feeling depressed, because I'm sadistic when I'm depressed, and as an artist art is my outlet.

But I don't keep those pieces. I never kept my gore pieces. I give them away to my kohai or to Asphodel or to some random people who liked them. I loathed gore. Never knew why I did them when I creep out at the sight of bleeding mutilated body parts. And to think I wanted to take forensic pathology.

"Look" Hiver continued, "I'll treat you to lunch next Monday if I like your commission"

Then he pointed at Asphodel "You're not invited."

"Fine" Asphodel retorted. "Not like I want to intrude in you two's privacy anyway."

It was free lunch, what do I have to lose? He was rich and I definitely don't say no to offers.

"Fine" I answered "I'll try to finish the commission by then"


I'm actually pretty same and very straight forward. Which explains why I don't have much friends in class.

People don't like being judged. They like to deny the truth. I seek the truth. If they don't like it then it's their problem. I was just showing them what they could improve further in themselves. I was helping them. I knew I should have taken criminology instead, or at least psychology.

What should happened that Monday went very wrong.

The 'date' with Hiver, as Asphodel so fondly called it, went out of my hands. Asphodel or Ice (her nickname) was a dedicated fan of yaoi, I had to admit at this point that I am gay or in the least bi which was why Ice is pretty magnetized to me.

It all started when I preferred to spend my time at the school's computer lab when I should be doing his so called commission, which I then called 'Project: Annoy Bossu'. I even gave him a pet name! Bossu because he's so damn bossy. Asphodel got dismissed early so she went to the computer lab and stuck to the computer beside me.

What I had not been expecting though was Bossu following her and grabbing the unoccupied seat beside me with his plan to bug me until I do his commission. Failing that he contented himself with invading my private reading time on fanfiction. net. I'm shy to admit it but I am also a hardcore yaoi fan. God forbid.

Yes you heard right, I am a guy who likes yaoi. I am not gay, I'm bi. And Bossu, well, he's just hentai. Plain hentai.

So I was quietly reading my story when out of the sudden Hiver read the fic I was reading out loud.

Sad to say Asphodel was not just shocked but ecstatic.

I decided to collapse the window and switch to another window where I was playing Travian Online.

Then I went to and we played this quiz on 'what tarot card are you?'.

"I shall go first since I am higher" We decided to humor him and let him go first as he typed his name into the box and pressed enter. By some unknown ill fate the card 'Emperor' came out, and that was just the beginning of more self-obsessed events, I regret, to come.

Ten minutes later I couldn't take it anymore and told him to read the TobiDei fic while I drew his god damned commission! (I really wanted him to get lost so bad)

What surprised me was that he read the damn fic with out even hesitating!

""Uh Senpai, what are you doing?" Tobi asked never turning around. "I want to see your face, hm" Deidara purred, moving closer. "No, you can't Senpai!" Tobi gasped, trying to hide his face. "Oh come on, it won't hurt to let me see, I won't tell, hm" Deidara purred, walking up behind Tobi..."

And all the while he was saying this he just had to insert emotions in his dialogue too. Meanwhile inserting some erotic comments on his own.

I was pretty sure everyone in the computer lab was looking in our direction. I was sure my blush was redder than any tomato.

And all Asphodel's reaction was to laugh like crazy.

After an embarrassing time explaining to the proctor at the lab I dragged Hiver outside of the college.

"You asshole. Still can't believe you just freakin' did that." I said still blushing.

"Fine fine. Come one let's go." He said a bit offhandedly "Where do you want to eat?"

Him. Asking me what I want? I could just laugh my ass off and die.

"Are you sure? Aren't you the one treating me, shouldn't you decide that?"

"No, I am a gentleman. So I let other people do as they want."

Something along the lines of 'Bullshit' and 'gentleman my ass' crossed my mind.

"Fine. Let's just eat at some fast food since I have class in forty-five minutes"

Travian is an actual online game. And the TobiDei fic is "Uh Senpai DeixTobi yaoi story" written by Alucardsblood in FF.N, I don't own them.

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