Exhausted Paradise

Clothes on the floor
hair tie on her wrist
The bag's on the floor
You're sitting down the street,
and the door closes to the bathroom.

The dirt washed away,
your taste rinsed from her mouth.
The urge to follow is there,
but she's so exhausted.
Three hours you had,
but the time passed quickly.
Biking back together,
both tired as Hell,
though pressed for time,
they moved slowly, every moment valuable.

The grass still woven
into the blanket,
she picked out a piece
and it floated to the floor.
They'd laid on the grass,
wrapped in each other's arms.
Talked hardly at all,
though three hours slid by.
Lost in her eyes,
your silence, her smile,
communicated everything.
Your touch, she remembers
and she wishes you were holding
her like before.

The worry on your face
worried her,
though you both made it in one piece.
Worries aside, followed the road.
Gazed at the ducks as they passed by.

Her clothes soaked through,
she remembers the sprinklers.
You should've ran through them,
and had a reason,
besides perspiration, to be wet.

Next time…
Will there be a next time?
When she is yours and you're all hers
for the night?
I'd hope so
for she looks forward to it,
and she's so happy afterwards.

She wasn't running away,
there was no adrenaline,
and yet she pushed herself and late she was,
though the timing was all wrong.
There was nothing inappropriate
and they stayed hidden…
but it was no matter.

Together you were
as the clothes lay
rolled into balls in her bag.