What would've happened

What would've happened

Had I not been away,

Prettying myself up for the show where I wasn't seen

But by one person

Who probably didn't care

And wouldn't notice

And had been here,


Guzzling caffeine,

And watching people make fools of themselves

And dance and sigh

And look deep into each other's eyes

And what if you were there?

What if you were feeling awkward

Like I was

As we hung out by the cooler

Watching people slowdance

With the ones they loved

Would you set down your Dr. Pepper

And ask me to dance?

Would I reply with a breathless "Sure"?

And would we step out on the floor

Ignoring the eyes watching us

Ignoring all but each other

Knowing that they were thinking

That we were out of our minds

To randomly decide to dance?

They'd look at us and wonder,

Wonder what happened that'd make us so bold

As to dance with someone we've barely even talked to?

And would we break apart reluctantly as the song finished

And go back to our drinks

And say something retarded to break the tension

Even though we knew that we loved each other

And would remember this as the best moment

We've had in forever?

But you were there.

You were standing awkwardly

As the others slowdanced

And watched them rotate to the music

That played so sad, so sweet,

And thought of me.

Thought of me, as I played my songs

As I took part in the sweetest tale of love

Conquering all binds.

As I was merely in the background

And not on the stage.

I thought of you too.

What would've happened if I'd skipped out

On the opportunity to be a part

A part of a long-ago memory

That's faded and no longer as sweet

But not painful, much;

Just shimmering and lovely and sad?

What if I'd been there to pine over a love

That I thought'd never happen

And watched as you stood at the other end of the floor

Watching the couples dance

And neither of us were brave enough

To ask the other to dance

And feel the mutual attraction

Flood our bodies with a warm feeling

That'd keep flowing, even long after

The song was done

And instead stayed with our respective friends

And acted as aloof as ever?

Would I have regretted not being a part

Of the performance, sweet and sad

And possibly missed an opportunity to requite

A love (for once) instead of wasting time

Sighing over you?

Who knows where the untaken path leads.