It was a regular Friday night and I had a late shift at the local Video Planet. Of course, since my boss had left me to close up on my own, I was taking full advantage of the freedom I rarely enjoyed by treating myself to the copious amounts of late night snacks my boss thought I didn't know about.

Now I won't be getting into the little, insignificant details about how I actually managed to find his little snack hideout, but let's just say it was behind one of the corner video shelves... the adult section, if you know what I mean.

And yes, I know what you must be thinking. "Oh boy, this girl sure must be dirty if she's digging around the porn section" or maybe "Damn, she's quite the porn-obsessed nympho she must be getting tons of action."

Both of which are completely not true.

But anyway, it was at this moment, with my butt in the air, my head pressed down into the carpet, and one of my arms straining to reach the bag of Skittles that I heard some muffled grumbling behind me. Immediately putting my Skittle craving aside, I quietly turned around and slowly craned my neck out to see around the shelf I was currently hidden behind.

And to my surprise, no further than four feet from me, was Matthew Jacobs. Mathlete and science league extraordinaire. In the porno section of the local video store. Holding the special DVD box set of "Pussy Kat."

...Yeah, I know. I just gagged myself.

"Mattie?"I found myself shouting loudly before I could control myself.

His big, hazel eyes widened past the point of bugging out and he tossed the box set over his shoulder and into the next aisle so quickly I was sure he must've been a pro at hot potato back in the day. We both watched in horror and fascination as the DVD's arched perfectly in the air until the sound of cracking plastic reached our ears.

I'm pretty sure my mouth was hanging open and my eyebrows had reached my hairline by that point, and I wordlessly turned to face Mattie again.

I climbed to my feet within moments, while he stuffed his hands into his pockets and looked down. "I'm so sorry. I really didn't mean to! It was just my.. reflexes?" He finally managed to mumble out. And by mumble, I really mean he barely whispered it out. In fact, it was so low that I had to lean in closer just to hear him.

And judging by the way his cheeks and ears were so bright, I don't think he appreciated the fact that I was currently all up in his personal bubble. Either that, or it must've been that the high school genius and somewhat cute, yet completely awkward nerd of Rosedale High was just caught with porn.

Yes, I do believe it is the latter reason.

Not wanting to make the situation anymore awkward, I broke my intense stare and stepped back and towards the other aisle to check out the condition of the "Pussy Kat" collection. He helplessly followed behind like a scolded puppy dog as I bent down to retrieve the slightly cracked DVD cover, only to discover that one of the actual DVDs must've bounced out somewhere. So, being the good Video Planet employee that I am, I once again got down onto my hands and knees and started looking under the shelves.

It must've been two minutes later, still with no success, that I noticed a Converse-clad foot trying to inconspicuously push a round disc into my line of vision. Trying to break the ongoing silence, I happily exlaimed, "Oh here we go! See, nothing to worry about, right Mattie?" Risking a glance up, I couldn't help but giggle lightly as I saw Mattie squinting his eyes towards the ceiling in attempt to avoid eye contact. Sweat dotted his hairline and the tips of his ears and cheeks were still flushed so adorably I decided to take pity on him.

Quickly pushing the box set back onto one of the shelves, I got to my feet and made my way back towards the front of the store. Pausing at the door to the adult section, I turned and put on a cautious smile. "I'll be in the front. If you need any... help with your selection process, just call me." Looking beyond horrified, he nodded just once and muttered a low "thank you" under his breath.

Poor boy, I thought to myself as I whistled my way back to the register, a small grin on my face. I had just settled myself down onto the stool behind the counter when Mattie practically ran out of the small room in the back, clutching a small DVD behind his back. Cautiously making his way towards me, he slammed the DVD down onto the counter, face down. The small sound echoed in the quiet silence of the store, but I continued to be a professional and wordlessly scanned the bar code on the back.

Taking a glance towards the screen to see if it scanned correctly, a small, evil smile popped up onto my face and I couldn't help myself from tormenting the poor boy some more. "Bosom Buddies, huh, Mattie? You into that kind of stuff?"

He let out a short, strangled laugh and worriedly glanced towards the parking lot directly outside the front windows. Leaning in closer, he finally met my gaze straight on. "Look Leah, I don't want you to think I'm some kind of sick pervert here or anything. Trust me, I never do this kind of thing, and if I could, I'd tell you exactly why I'm completely embarassing myself in front of a girl right about now." He mumbled the last part, but I still caught it and flashed him a quick grin.

"Don't worry about it," I said nicely, and included a wink in there.

...Don't even ask. Hell, even I don't know how I was so confident that moment.

Slipping the DVD into a plain black bag, I pushed the rental across the counter. "See you bright and early Monday morning!" I shouted as Mattie practically kicked the door open and ran towards a car two spots away and dove into the backseat. The car immediately came to life and I watched the scene before me with a smile.

Not only did the sudden headlights momentarily blind me, but the car reversed out of that spot so quickly, the tires squealed annoyingly. I could see Mattie's worried eyes watching me from the backseat so I lifted one of my hands in a wave goodbye.

He sank down lower into his seat as the car finally pulled into the main street and drove away.

A small laugh of disbelief escaped my mouth, and I shook my head at the unbelievable turn of events on this regular Friday night.

Who knew Mattie Jacobs had this side to him?

Monday morning finally came and I arrived at school a little too giddy for my own good. With twenty minutes to spare before the first bell, I burst into my first period classroom and spotted my best friend sitting casually in her seat, flipping through the latest Cosmo.

"What's up?" I exclaimed loudly as I dropped down into my seat right next to her.

She turned her head slowly towards my direction, cocked one of her eyebrows up, and stared at me silently before answering. "What's up with you, little miss sunshine?!"

I stopped my pencil tapping. "What are you talking about, little miss grumpy?"

"Don't tell me you're still thinking about him!" A full on smile spread across her face, and I opened my mouth to come up with a good comeback, but words failed me. She laughed out loudly and clapped her hands together happily. "Leah's got a cru-shhh. Leah's got a cru-shhh!" Wow, anyone have a muzzle right about now?

"Okay, now that we've successfully transported back to the third grade," I said dryly, "let's get a few things straight."

She crossed her arms and tried to look serious, but her curved lips gaver her away. "Fine. Go on, Ms. Harper."

With narrowed eyes, I straightened my back and continued, "First off, I should've never told you what happened 'cause I have a feeling you're going to be torturing the both of us from now on. And second off, and most importantly, I do not have a crush on Mattie Jacobs!"

"Whatever you say, Leah." She replied calmly. A bit too casually, ugh.

And with that, she turned back towards her magazine and completely ignored me, letting me mull over what just happened.

Have a crush on Mattie Jacobs? Pssh, who's she even kidding?

I mean, sure, I'd known him since about the third grade, but it's not like we've ever been the best of friends. He mostly kept to his schoolwork and I kept to myself. I mean, we're complete opposites... not that I'm the most social person in the world and he's at the complete bottom of the social ladder, but you know what I mean.

But now that I think about it, he certainly didn't fit into the stereotypical nerd role with horrible acne, small, scrawny body, and obsessions with anything science fiction. Nope, to tell you the truth, his face looked kind of soft and smooth, besides his slightly stubbly jaw. And he definitely wasn't short either. Probably had more than half a foot on me. Oh and he was lean. Not overly bulky with muscles, but not to the point where he was a stick figure.

...Am I rambling now?

Yeah, anyway, definitely not a geek. He just had some geeky tendencies, but that's all, and to tell you the truth, it was slightly cute.

Shaking my head, I sighed and rid myself of the rest of the little thoughts floating around in my head. There was only a minute left before class started, and the rest of my classmates had started filing into their seats. I started to bend over towards my backpack for the necessary books when I noticed an article lying innocently on my desk.

"10 Reasons Why Girls Love Nerdy Guys." The jagged edges let me know it was freshly torn out of a magazine. Rolling my eyes, I crumpled up the article and launched it back towards the culprit. Amanda laughed softly to herself as the paper ball made contact with the side of her head.

"Very funny. Don't quit your day job." I muttered towards my supposed best friend. She wiggled her eyebrows repeatedly in response before turning back towards the front of the classroom, where my teacher had started her lecture.

It was about seven hours later, and Amanda and I were driving towards the grocery store for our weekly after-school pig out. We created our Monster Monday Food Fests back in the 6th grade when we decided we clearly could not survive the rest of the week of school without stuffing ourselves with every food imaginable at the start of the week.

At the door, Amanda headed towards the cluster of carts near the registers before she made her way back to me. Immediately she said, "Ok, you know what Leah? We should split up. You get the chicken nuggets and I'll go get the chips, okay?" Before I could reply, she had already turned the cart around and was powerwalking towards the chip aisle.

"Why can't we just shop together?" I shouted in confusion, but got no reply or even any indication that she had heard me. Groaning, I picked up a hand basket and made my way towards the frozen poultry section.

"She always has to make things difficult—" I stopped complaining to myself as I rounded the corner and my eyes instantly landed on Mattie Jacobs. He just seems to be turning up everywhere these past couple of days, doesn't he? Taking a couple of steps back, I hid behind the canned Spam and put a hand up to my racing chest and decided to just play it cool.

I just needed some frozen, processed pieces of chicken, and then I'd be out of there.

That's all.

Okay, I could do this. No worries...

"Hey, what a coincidence, huh Mattie?" I reached a hand out and grasped his shoulder, all the while trying to maintain my cool, calm, and collected deameanor. He obviously wasn't expecting my sudden physical contact and let out a startled cry. Quickly jerking his head up, he hit it against the upper shelf of frozen meat, and I just knew a big bump would appear in no time. He turning around to face the intruder, who just so happened to be me, with his eyes wide and one hand still rubbing the back of his head.

I let out an embarassed laugh and shrugged my shoulders awkwardly. "Sorry?" I apologized and reached up to unconsciously fix his glasses, which were currently sititng crookedly on his nose.

"Hi, Leah." He replied quietly and then turned his gaze towards the package of meat he had just dropped, right between my two feet. My own gaze followed his and I quickly bent over to pick it back up.

Taking a moment to read the label over, a smile crept onto my face and the sudden urge to see him blush again hit me hard. "Chicken breasts. Hmm, that's nice."

Frantically shaking his head, he replied loudly. "They're not mine!"

Somewhat startled by his abrupt exclamation, I let out a quick laugh. "Well, I should hope not! Or I'd be kind of worried for you, Mattie." He tried to gurgle out an answer, but only managed to turn that famous blush right on full blast. I was delighted to see he had gone bright red in a matter of seconds, though not because I'm sadistic or anything, and I eyed the package in his hands warily. "You're not gonna toss that over to the next aisle again are ya? 'Cause someone could get majorly hurt with that hunk of meat."

"No! No, no, I'm not gonna... toss that." He broke off his mumbling quickly and settled the pack of chicken breasts back onto the refrigerated shelves. "I've really gotta go now. I'll see you around, Leah." He rushed off before I could tease him anymore, and I sighed, suddenly disappointed. After a few sullen moments, I leaned over to grab a bag of frozen chicken nuggets. However, just as I was about to place the bag gently into my hand basket, an arm suddenly appeared inches from me and reached past my face. I followed the length of the arm to be greeted with the sight of Mattie again. His rosy cheeks immediately brought a smile to my face and I stared dumbly at him for a moment.

"I actually do need these chicken bre- meat. My mom wanted them for dinner." His eyes wouldn't meet mine and instead, he was focused on something a little past my shoulder. "Bye," he muttered and turned around again, preparing to race down the aisle, but this time, he paused and looked over his shoulder, meeting my gaze.

"Friday was a dare." He paused to see my response, so I nodded my head gently for him to continue. "I just didn't want you to get the wrong idea about me," he stuttered out cutely, using the hand he wasn't holding the chicken with to rub the back of his head. He looked down and his unruly brown curls fell down to cover his forehead. Seemingly out of things to say, he looked back up and let his full lips spread into a small, shy smile. He started walking backwards up the aisle again, still staring at me, and I watched him back until he finally had to turn around upon reaching the corner near the registers.

"And what might you be staring at?" A voice whispered into my ear out of nowhere. My face morphed into another smile before I could contain it and I turned around to face my best friend. "I don't know what you're talking about Amanda. Now, let's get a move on slow poke. You only took forever." I turned around and started walking towards the registers that Mattie had just gone towards a moment before. I heard Amanda scoff good naturedly, but kept my face forward, my lips struggling to break into a wide grin.

The weekly Monster Monday Food Fest must've worked 'cause the week flew by and before I knew it, it was already Saturday night. I was currently sitting on the island in my kitchen savagely digging through the cookie dough ice cream. To say I needed it is pretty much an understatement. Of course, if anyone asked, I obviously wouldn't admit that I was upset, but to those that really knew me, like Amanda, it was as plain as day.

Not that I'd admit to her the real reason why I was upset. Like, oh, for instance, the fact that Mattie had avoided me all week long. I hadn't had a conversation or had the opportunity to see him blush for an entire five days, and to be completely honest, it put me in a horrible mood. But anyway. That was only for me to know. To Amanda, I was upset and moody 'cause of PMS. I highly doubt she actually believes me, but she does like to humor me, which is why I was waiting for her to arrive so that she'd take me out to dinner at a surprise location.

Not a minute later, I was startled out of my ice cream induced daydream by the sound of a honking horn outside. I quickly leapt off the island and shoved the ice cream back into freezer, in case I needed it later.

"Where are we going?" I asked excitedly as I slammed Amanda's passenger door shut and reached for my seatbelt.

"Hyper much?" I shrugged my shoulders and reached towards the radio to switch stations. "Ice cream," I replied simply. She made a grunt of approval and nodded her head, fully understanding my hyper ice cream moods.

We traveled in comfortable silence for about ten minutes before she pulled into a parking lot. "Ready for some wings?" She asked, a big grin on her face. I looked towards the restaurant sign and laughed loudly when I saw the flashy "Hooters" sign.

"Seriously?" I asked her with a laugh. She linked her arm with mine and started marching us towards the front door. "You always were a little more excited to come here than anywhere else. If I wasn't sure you're completely in love with Mattie Jacobs, I'd be a little worried."

"Whatever, Amanda." I told her as I reached for the door handle and glanced back at her so she could see my eyes rolling. "You just keep on dreamin—" I stopped abruptly as I turned back around to face forward and was met with a stare of disbelief by none other than Mr. Matthew Jacobs and three of his friends.

Amanda had walked right into my back after I had quickly stopped in my steps, and after she peered around my shoulder to see what exactly had stopped me, she let out an evil cackle and exclaimed "Nice!" quite loudly. I responded with a quick jab of my elbow into her side, but she barely flinched, and instead, made her way towards Travis Nelson, one of Mattie's friends, and started conversation with him.

It almost seemed as if this entire coincidence was planned with the way the other four quickly formed a circle and continued their conversation with one another, while clearly leaving both Mattie and I out of whatever they were discussing.

Suddenly feeling shy and out of place, I looked down for a moment. Peeking up at him from under my eyelashes, I cringed at the way he was intently staring at me. "So, uhh, what are you doing in a place like this?" I asked him, which snapped him out of his intense stare.

He started his routine of blushing and running his hands through his hair. "Well, I mean, uhh, I'm— no, we're here for Dylan's birthday. He just drove in and parked so it was pretty much decided for me 'cause you know, I don't normally come to places like Hoote— I mean, like this restaurant." I was comforted by the fact that I wasn't the only one affected by this unexpected meeting. His stuttering and blushing was proof of that and it made me more confident at having the upper hand.

"So, Mattie, I think we need to have a little talk."

He scrunched his eyebrows up worriedly and answered almost hesitantly, ""

"Yeah, I mean...I think you may have a little problem. Maybe a little obsession?" A broad smile appeared on my face, and I used my hands to identify exactly what he had an obsession with. "I mean, Bosom Buddies, chicken breasts, and now Hooters?" I asked jokingly, my hands still emphasizing my chest. His eyes were immediately drawn to my own chest before he broke off his stare and looked back up into my eyes, all the while shaking his head side to side emphatically.

"No! No— I don't. I really don't—" I merely nodded my head sympathetically and turned to follow the rest of our friends towards the booth they had decided to get together. "Ooookay, Mattie. Sure you don't." I think I was enjoying this a bit too much, but who could blame me? He wordlessly followed after me and slid into the booth seat after me, still shaking his head 'no.'

In fact, I think he was so horrified at what I suggested that for the next five minutes, he quietly sat in his seat blushing uncontrollably, not really listening to anything going on around him. Even I had given up hope of him opening his mouth again, which wasn't really how my plan was supposed to go. Instead, I diverted my attention to everyone else and was busy listening in on the conversation between Amanda, Travis, Dylan, and Greg, when I heard a whisper near my left ear. "I really don't have an obsession with... bre breasts. I told you— it was a dare last Friday! I just grabbed the first one I could and ran to you."

Ahh, about time. Only took him 4 minutes and 23 seconds, not that anyone's counting or anything.

I snickered to myself before I put a smaller, slightly condescending smile onto my face. Turning towards Mattie, I whispered back, "Don't worry, Mattie. I completely understand your little problem." I moved my left hand over as well, and patted his leg gently three times.

He let out a frustrated sigh and grabbed hold of my hand with both of his larger ones. A blush immediately started to spread across my face before I could help it, and he stopped his little rant to curiously watch the flush spread across my cheeks, a smile slowly forming on his own face.

Oh god, this wasn't supposed to be happening! I'm supposed to be the one making him blush!

Trying to tug my hand out from between his and take back control of the situation, I turned my head away and mumbled out, "I'll get you the help you need. Really, I'm sure lots of hormonal guys our age go through this problem."

He completely ignored my comment, and kept firm hold of my hand. A delighted, almost evil sparkle was shining in his eyes. One that must've been very similar to my own just a few minutes beforehand. "Are you okay there, Leah? You seem a little...flushed."

This only made me flush a deeper, darker pink and I could only hope the rest of the table wasn't paying attention to this little twist of events. No way was I was going to be the one turned into a blushing, blubbering mess! Finally prying my hand from between his, I lifted both of my hands and pushed against his chest and started scooting across the booth seat. Our bodies were pressed right up against each other, yet he still wouldn't scoot out. "Let me out, Mattie! Come on, I really need to...go to the bathroom!"

The small grin was still apparent on his face, but he finally decided to take pity on me, and slid out, though he did take his sweet time doing so. The second he stood up, I flew right past him and powerwalked towards the ladies' room, not stopping until I was safely standing in front of the mirror with the door firmly shut and locked.

Almost hesitantly, my eyes drifted upwards and I almost melted right there of embarassment at the sight of my flushed face and heavy breathing. Oh geez, when did this situation get so out of hand?! He's supposed to be the tortured one standing in front of the mirror in the boys' bathroom right about now, while I laugh to myself back in the booth with everyone else.

"No way is Mattie going to know he affects me so much," I thought to myself, narrowing my eyes with determination.

Five minutes and a pep talk later, and my cheeks had finally cooled down, I decided to make my way back out and show Mattie exactly who's boss. It wasn't until I was only about two feet from the booth that I realized Mattie was sitting alone and everyone else, including Amanda who just so happened to be my ride, was also gone.

"Where'd everyone go?" I asked him quietly, not meeting his eyes.

"They decided they weren't in the mood for wings after all." He answered just as quietly, and I realized he wasn't as confident as he was a while back when he was teasing me. "We'll have to walk 'cause I came in Dylan's car." I just nodded, and grabbed my bag, waiting for him to stand up as well.

"I guess we can go back to my house...and order pizza or something." At the sight of my raised eyebrows, he hurriedly rushed on. "Or I could just get my car and drive you home." Once again, I could only nod in response. He rested one of his hands against my lower back and gently pushed me towards the front door of the restaurant. We both sighed in frustration when we saw the rainfall we were right about to step into, but continued on anyway since there was no other way home.

I winced as the cold rain hit me and I could tell Mattie wasn't too happy either by the way he was shaking his head, much like a dog, to rid himself of the water drenching his curls. It was an awkward two minutes of silence, and I was looking everywhere for something— anything— to bring up and talk about.

Glancing down at my now drenched clothes, I blanched at the sight of my wet shirt.

My wet, white shirt.

With a bright, teal bra proudly showing through. Oh god, just shoot me now.

Looking over at Mattie to see if he had noticed my little predicament yet, I subtly crossed my arms over my chest. It wasn't until a minute later, when we were stopped at a crosswalk, that it hit me that I could use my little situation to my advantage. I unlocked my arms from around myself and started crossing the street, Mattie a couple of feet ahead of me.

Come on, think fast, Leah...

"Oh no!" I exclaimed loudly, dragging the two syllables out.

"Oh no, what?" He asked curiously, but he still didn't turn his head back to look at me.

"Should I be scared?"

Finally reaching the other side of the street, he paused and turned around. "Scared of what—" He abruptly cut himself off as his eyes zeroed in on my chest. I sucked in a breath and pushed my chest out a little bit more and was just a bit satisfied to see that Mattie currently resembled a goldfish with his mouth opening and closing rapidly. "Umm..." he mumbled senselessly to himself and it brought my delighted grin back to my face, and I stood there letting him indulge in his little peep show.

"Should I be worried? You know, since you kind of have an obsession with this?" Gesturing wildly to my bright teal bra clearly seen through my thin t-shirt, I waited for an answer.

It took him a minute or two before he finally pulled his eyes away, flushed deeply, and averted his eyes towards the stop sign in front of us. He coughed awkwardly a couple of times before he turned away completely. "You're evil," he muttered, bottom lip jutted out slightly, and started walking away, his hands shoved deep into his pockets. I couldn't help but let out a loud laugh at his obvious uncomfortable manner, and ran to catch up with him, checking him lightly with my shoulder to let him know I was just playing around.

The rest of the fifteen minute walk was much more comfortable, and the butterflies swirling around in my stomach only grew. As we finally neared his street, I felt his hand swing softly into my own. Alarmed at the sudden, unexpected contact, I moved away subtly and hoped that he wouldn't notice that his hands always managed to make me blush.

However, not a second later, I felt his hand brush against my own again. But this time, his larger, rougher hand firmly grasped my smaller one before I could pull away again. My cheeks instantly flushed and I could feel the heat spread across my cheeks, to the tips of my ears, and finally down to my neck. He chuckled at my expense and tightened his grip, while I purposely avoided his eye contact.

In fact, I was so caught up in my own attempt to avoid his gaze that I didn't even notice him stop outside a brightly lit house until I was tugged backwards gently from our locked hands. I bumped into his chest and I finally looked up to realize he was staring at me intently again, all traces of his previous amusement gone. My mouth opened, but my mind couldn't quite focus enough to form any words. So instead of saying anything intelligent, my tongue darted out to quickly wet my lips— a habit of mine that always happened when I was extremely nervous and uncomfortable.

His eyes followed my tongue and traced its own path all around my lips. He let out a shallow breath, and the second his minty breath hit my senses, my body warmed up, and I found myself leaning lightly against his own. Judging by the way his arms tightened around me, he didn't mind one bit.

His eyes furrowed together, but before I could decipher what must've been going on his little head, his lips crashed down onto mine.

My heart instantly started trying to beat its way out of my chest, and my arms wound around his waist, one hand pressing against the center of his back to keep him from moving away. One of his own hands had found its way up to my cheek to keep my lips firmly pressed against his very soft and very full lips. I could feel his lips turn up into a smile as he felt just how warm my cheeks were.

Breaking apart for a much needed breath, both of us panting loudly, Mattie's happy smile remained planted on his face. I could only imagine how dazed I must've looked 'cause no coherent thoughts whatsoever were processing. All I wanted in that moment was his delicious looking mouth up against my own again.

So this time, I was the one that stood up on the tips of my toes and pushed my lips right back where they belonged. I was delighted to hear him groan lowly, and my heart raced at the sound of his obvious satisfaction. My fingers unconsciously ran through the tight curls at the base of his neck, and I nipped at his bottom lip softly before I pulled away and started trailing light kisses along his jaw line and finally ended at the crook of his neck.

I pressed one last, firm kiss to the sensitive part of his neck before I realized we had just frantically made out for a good five minutes in front of his house, where his parents and neighbors could've easily seen us.

With the rain pouring.

And my bright blue bra clearly showing.

Blushing uncontrollably, I burried my warm face into his neck. He chuckled lightly and tightened his arms around my waist, before pressing a kiss to my temple.

"I think you enjoy embarassing me just to see me blush," he whispered softly into my ear. I shivered at the feel of his warm breath hitting my sensitive earlobe.

And what could I say? I don't think denying it at this point would be very believable, so I just nodded my agreement.

"Well, I think I enjoy seeing you blush as well, Leah." And with that, he nipped my ear quickly and broke apart from me. He started walking up the path towards his house, while I was still frozen in place.

"Oh by the way, Leah, you've had toilet paper stuck to your shoe since you came out of the Hooters' bathroom." He laughed at my bugged out eyes and flushed face and turned around again, whistling until he reached the front door, where he held his hand out and waited for me.

"Oh, damn you karma," I thought to myself as I looked down towards my sneakers, and confirmed that yes, there was a trail of toilet paper two-feet long stuck to the bottom.

The desperate urge to run away and crawl under a rock to die melted away the second my mortified gaze met his genuinely happy face. Never before had I seen Mattie Jacobs looking as content as he did right this instant.

So, being the good girlfriend that I am, I just laughed my embarassment off and let Mattie enjoy his moment. And with that, I raced towards his front door and intertwined my small fingers with his.

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