On the cobbled streets of London a long time ago stood two men. One man was taller than the other who wore pepper brown hair over his deeply tanned face. The other was a bit smaller in height and had long dark black hair. His green eyes matched perfectly against the dark tone of his hair. The taller man had a type of white snow leopard at his side that he seemed to be petting. The other had a cat wrapped around in his arms. The cat's eye color matched its owners exactly. The taller man's white leopard had the same grayish eyes that he had. They both stood there in silence. There was no light to be found anywhere accept the corroded old lanterns that hung high in the air that you would see on every few streets. They were all dimmed since it was late in the night making everything very dark.

A wind blew that made the man's long black hair rustle and whip in the wind. The others brown hair was short cut and spiked up in his forehead which seemed to be in a high fashion. He looked over to the shorter man.

"We better be going," he said in a quiet and sneaky voice. "We have little time and lots of work to do." He muttered under his breath.

"I do agree sir, but are you sure about this? "

How many times do I have to tell you?" the brown – haired man replied in a sharp voice.

"Do I have to go over this again with you? I have told you the plan about a million times now. Do you not understand something or what?" He asked in an annoyed tone.

"N-nnoo-no sir!" the shorter man replied in a shaky voice . "I fully understand what we are supposed to do. I am just not sure if we should do it. Do you think it's worth it sir?"

"Are you telling me," the taller man asked chuckling lightly out loud, "that this task is not worth it? Alkron wants this task completed so we follow his authority and complete it." "

Do you understand that?" He asked, now about to lose his patients. The taller man's animal now was showing his gleaming razor sharp teeth. Each one hang from its mouth like sharp pointed daggers. The cat now lept from the man's arms onto the cobbled street and soon stood about three yards from the leopard. The cat stood there staring into the leopards deep gray eyes. The shorter man looked down at his fingers which seemed to be rubbing together since he was so worried.

"I do understand that but I am just saying that-"The man's voice was cut off from the taller ones. "When are you going to understand, Crispin," the taller man said to the shorter man with black hair, "that no one cares what you want. We are here under his orders and we must respect him and do as we are told. You are so rebellious its annoying he said in an out burst. "

"But I am just saying that there is no point in this task. The boy hasn't done any harm to us or to anyone so why does he deserve this fate?"

"Crispin, the boy hasn't done any harm yet because he hasn't discovered his powers. That boy holds great powers we don't even know. And that is exactly why were appointed to this task to kill him before he discovers them. We cannot fail and let him enter our world. There he could learn to muster his power and maybe become so strong as to defeat Alkron himself. This boy holds many things in his possession: the good and the bad. So we must stop him right here right now." He said sharply. "I guess you are right" Crispin said flatly and you could clearly tell that he was lying. Now follow me."

He walked up the street swiftly with the white leopard following him. Crispin did as he told and followed him up the street with his cat tailing along beside him. The tall man looked around in every direction as if he was lost or confused. Over here he said as he turned a corner onto the next street.

"Wait I messed up. The boy's street is back there." he said pointing to the entrance of a neighborhood strait behind him. Then they walked backwards and turned to the right and entered the neighborhood.

"This is it," he muttered. He walked through the neighborhood and eventually faced a small house.

"This is where he lives." he whispered softly. The snow leopard growled at the house.

"Are you ready?" He asked Crispin whom he assumed was behind him. "Crispin?" he turned around to face him. But when he looked back Crispin was no where to be seen.

He cursed under his breath. "I am going to kill him when I find him."

He left the neighborhood turned a few corners that led into new streets and searched everywhere for Crispin. But he was nowhere to be found. He cursed once more. He was determined to find him and punish him. He was determined to complete the task and without Crispin he could not fulfill that. He thought of how Alkron would react if he failed the most important task appointed to him in his life. And then he ran through every neighborhood and street and alleyway he could and had found no luck whatsoever.

Then he looked down to his leopard panting and asked "Do you feel his presence anywhere?"

Then the leopard replied saying "I have a feeling he left this world and retreated into another.

"No" the man yelled in agony. "This cannot be. NO!" Then he took a deep breath and sighed and soon with a snap of his fingers he and his white leopard were gone.

And the worst part of this was that it was my dream. And I had a worried feeling that it was real.


I woke up with beading sweat running down my face. I looked down at my shirt which was drenched with sweat as with my hair and hands. My black hair stood strait up. And I had only one emotion going through me and that was worry. I knew that something was wrong and I couldn't get over that fact. I had to find out who wanted to kill me and who knew where my house was because never in my life had I seen that guy. It was creepy thinking that someone wanted to kill me. And then I remembered his pet leopard with dagger teeth. The image raced through my head and sent chills to my body everywhere. I didn't know what to do. If I told my mom then she wouldn't believe me and if I told Lydia she would probably freak out. Lydia is my best friend here in London. She is a very wealthy girl yet very sincere and kind at the same time. Some people may take her as spoiled because she lives in a huge mansion with her workaholic father but then they find out she is kind and grateful for all of the luxuries given to her. I knew if I told her she would most likely believe me. For one thing I rarely lie to her and the second thing: she would freak and go all crazy on me.