What am I thinking

What am I thinking?

Why am I spinning again?

You're just scared.

You're too caught up in it all.



I'm scared…

He's…got people around him…

I don't want him to be with someone else!

Don't you have any faith in him?

I'm…not sure…

I want to trust him but…



What are you but'ing about?

He told you that all he needed was space.

Why are you getting so out of control?

I'm…scared of someone lese taking hi-

You're an idiot!

Where are you getting this crap from?

He's a much better person that you think he is!

Where, in that tangled head of yours, is the truth? (Trust)

I lost it…


I lost myself…

What…are you planning to do?


Are you sure about this?

You're actually going to stop all this pushing?

He wants me to.

He needs his space for now.

I'd…only make it worse for both of us if I went for him now.


Yeah, you can't bear to let him walk away…

Can you?


But I've been doing a damn good job leaning over the edge.

You've got me to catch you…

And him.

My wings…

I'm not strong enough yet, am I?

You don't need him to survive.

But I'm not ready to I've without him.

Keep your head on straight,

Don't be afraid to look back too.


Are you ready?


I can only hope…

He'll wait for you, I know it.

I love him…

He loves you.

I think I'm ready.

"Hold on but don't let go."

Its "Fly away but don't let go."

Hehe. Right!

Are you going to look back first?


I'm taking it all with me!

You're not going then?


How to put this…?

I'm…keeping everything dear to me in y heart.

You won't break anymore?

I can't promise that.

Tsk…make me worry why don't cha?

I worry about everyone.

No matter who or what they are.

Him in particular.

Even though he told you to stop?

That's something that he can't control.

He doesn't want to control you, ya know?

He only wants to be loved in return.

You're confusing the two.

Yeah, I see that now.

I'm not the broken doll I though I was.

Nor do I have self made chains all over my body.

You're a cat boy then?


An angel then?



I can't be anything more than myself.

But why are you hiding fear in your eyes?

I don't trust myself…at least not completely.

So…now what?


what are you planning to do?


I'll wait…until he's ready…to talk to me.

Until then, I'm going to keep myself busy.

Distracting yourself will only make a bigger gap…

And dwelling on it will only steep me deeper in darkness.

I can't afford that…


You want him to be at your side when you're ready.

I want us both to be happy together but I'm also happy when we're apart.

The way things are…

We'd both be consumed.

No one can afford that.

No, I can't.

I won't lose him….

But I also have to try and keep myself together to.

He's not going anywhere without you, ya know?

We're both in each others hearts.

And we'll stay that way…

Until the end?

No, longer.