Just let me be at peace

Just let me be at peace


It's spiraling again…

All of my thoughts…

I'm pushing them away…

Let me be at peace…

Stop the spinning…and let me free…

Don't think about the small things anymore…

Just let yourself escape and let things take their course…

It'll all be fine…if you just let it…

Don't worry about so much…

Just let things flow…like they would normally…

What's got you so worked up in the first place?

Are you scared of growing up?

Are you afraid of breaking the bonds that you've made?

What's stopping you from just…letting go?

Don't die.

You'll hurt too much.

Don't push them away.

You may need space but that's not the answer anymore.

It was never a good one to begin with.

You don't need what you think you do.

Just let things happen and be there for you friends.

Be yourself.

Don't be Kitty anymore.

Be Anthony.

The name that you were made to fit into.

The name that defines who you set out to be.

Don't be scared of what's ahead little boy.

Things will happen if you wish or not.

Don't be scared of who you are.

Just let everything go at once and give it your all.

The people around you care for you more than you know.

Don't be so wrapped up in getting a boyfriend all of a sudden.

You'll miss out on so much.

Things will pass you by and you'll wish that you'd seen everything.

Just relax and let everything fall into place around you.

Stop the spinning by letting everything go all at once.

Free yourself from all that's troubling you.

Don't think for a second that you're all alone.

You were never alone to begin with.

Listen to what he says to you.

He knows you much better than you know yourself.

Don't think about what to say anymore.

Just let your heart do the talking.

The people that you meet in life are wondrous people that you should love equally.

Don't bring strife to their lives.

It's not your fault.

Nor is everything meant to happen the way it does.

You have to be the person to make the change in their lives so that they can lead happier lives.

Don't change the one you set out to be.

You're still you under all that black.

Let your wings soar as far as they can take you.

No spirits or god will do it for you.

You're going to have to follow your own path from now on.

Don't be afraid to rely on others.

They are there to help you out in times of need.

Your family too.

They love you to their very last breathe.

Don't be so scared of everything changing around you.

Everyone is growing up at their own pace and you're still young to begin with.

Its all right to be scared and frightened.

Just talk to her about it.

You'll feel so much better.

With love,

Kitty, Anthony, Tony, Tone, Logester,

You're guardian spirit.