Fish out of water

Fish out of water

May 1st, 2008

I'm a fish out of water…

That's what I feel like.

It's not really what I normally do.

I'm so shy and scared all the time.

Where do I start?

When did I get considered?

I'm starting to drift again…

And not to a safe place.

This feeling…

I'm sick,

I'm scared,

I'm…nervous about a lot more than I should be.

It's like…I'm spinning but I'm in control.

I'm nervous about stepping forward…

Into a place that id never even dreamed of going.

If I don't go,

If I'm not accepted there,

Will I feel better?

Will all this fear in my heart cease?

Or will it just…stay there only to be brought back up again?

No matter what words I pick,

The feeling won't go away.

I don't like it…

What…should I do?