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Something Close to What I Have

Chapter 2: Silver Kisses

Ara slowly woke up. He drifted, neither here nor there, but somewhere in his mind. A field of grass, and he was right in the middle, his own little spot. A splitting headache ripped through the subconscious wall he had placed in his mind to kept him in his field of nowhere for a few more minutes.

"Stupid jerk. Wake the hell up," someone was pounding on his chest.

"What the fuck, Kendra, seriously?" Erik's voice floated from above.

"Go get Dominic. And get rid of this." Kendra snapped at him. Erik's footfalls faded away. "Dom's gonna rip you a new asshole, you know that? Not that you wouldn't enjoy it. Damn it, Ara. If you don't wake up, I'm kicking your ass."

"I fell," Ara said dizzily, cracking open his eyes.

"The hell you did. Though, I'd stick to that story if I was you." Relief was evident in her voice all the same.

Dom's face was suddenly in Ara's. "You okay?"

Ara shook his head, not wanting to breathe if his breath stank of alcohol.

"Erik said he fell," Dom said.

"Yeah, I guess that's what happened. He looks okay now. He's good," Kendra sighed. She started to cry. "You stupid freak, you scared me." She wiped her nose on her sleeve, and she kept crying.

Ara awkwardly patted her on the back, got up with Kendra and took her in the house.

"We're good," Erik said to Dom, following Ara and Kendra into the house.

Once Dom had returned to the party, Kendra turned to Ara. "You so totally owe me for that one. I want that yaoi hentai manga—all three of the series and the DVD—for my birthday and your Kingdom Hearts PSP game. Your breath stinks like a duck doused in alcohol." She handed him a piece of gum.

Ara sighed dramatically, chewing on it, "If I knew your friendship was going to be so expensive, I would've started saving my last lifetime." Kendra gave a watery laugh. He fell suddenly, his breath stolen from him.

"Ara!" her scream was the last thing he heard.


"You're a damn delicate flower, you know that?" Erik snapped at Ara. "I had to carry you into the house. I hope you're happy—you weigh a ton. Lose some weight, fatty."

"Like you're one to talk," snapped Kendra, her voice harsh and wet. God, he'd really made her cry this time.

"You're not allowed to drink anymore either, especially if you act all like a freaking dainty flower. Can't even hold a bottle of Absolut," Erik scoffed. "I could do that by the time I was... eight, seriously dude."

"Oh, some crazy dude came by earlier. I wondered if you had talked to him, but I fell asleep…" Kendra yawned. "McDrunkard over here already was." She turned to him. "You're fucking lucky you didn't burn down the whole damn house with your lit joint and kill us in our sleep."

Erik yawned. "We…would've been…just…" He fell asleep. Kendra was already, snoring softly.

Ara sat up suddenly; he got a very bad feeling. He ripped the covers off himself, and steadily got up, tripping over his book and pillows to the window.

Suddenly, there was a massive explosion. The house shook, and Ara felt his head meet his carpeted floor.

"Ow. What the hell?" He staggered to his feet, over to Kendra and Erik's sleeping bodies. He shook them. He vaguely heard people outside yelling. Kendra and Erik were all right, just in a deep sleep. A masculine figure in black appeared in the doorway. Ara grabbed a pair of scissors.

"Stay away from me."

The male rolled his eyes, and when Ara blinked, was behind him.

"I will be taking these." The male took the scissors from Ara and crushed the metal part so it was only dust. Ara stared, horrified. Before Ara could blink again, he had been thrown over the male's shoulder and out of the hallway, half way to the door. The basement stairs smashed behind them and a blonde male Ara had never seen before was tackled by a giant black-brown wolf who attempted to tear the man's face off.

"Hey!" Ara hit the male who was carrying him.

He wheeled around, took the gun from his back that Ara hadn't noticed—it was all black too and hid in the male's coat—and fired. He jostled Ara while he did it, so Ara couldn't see.

The male carrying Ara snapped something in a different language at the blonde, and when he wheeled around, Ara just saw the smashed door and the blonde man disappear down the steps.

"That door was real wood," Ara informed him.

"I am sorry. They will have it replaced," the male said shortly. Ara was placed into a large off-road SUV and strapped in. The male climbed in next to him. A female was already sitting in the drivers seat.

"Where are you taking me?" Ara slid out of some of his seatbelts.

"A safe place," the male responded. The car pealed out of the driveway and was down the road in half a second.

"Can't you run faster?" asked Ara.

"Yes, but you would not enjoy that very much." he responded, looking out the window.

"What's your name?" Ara asked, slipping out of the final seat belt.


Ara nodded, not wanting to be annoying, but asked, "Do you even know my name? Or do you just get kicks out randomly kidnapping people?"

"Your name is Ara. And besides the scissors incident, you have not tried very hard to get away," Radu smirked.

"Yeah, well." Ara grumbled.

Ara felt a pen in his pocket. He looked at Radu, and the lock on the SUV.

"Whatever you are planning, little one, it is to stop now. You will undoubtedly injure yourself and be unsuccessful. Especially with me beside you."

Radu grabbed Ara, sliding him across the seat, under him. Radu moved so he was hovering right over Ara. Their faces were so close. Ara stared into Radu's face, shielded from everything else by Radu's long black hair. Belatedly, Ara realized Radu's eyes were a silver and not black as he had first thought. Suddenly, lips engulfed his own. Ara's mouth fell open in a small gasp, and Radu thrust his tongue inside. Radu held Ara's wrists in one of his hands above Ara's head.

Oh my god! His tongue's in my mouth. Am I supposed to be doing something? I don't know what I'm doing! Ara thought, panicking.

You do not have to do anything. Radu's unhurrying voice said in his mind calmly. Radu's other hand slid down Ara's body to his stomach and started slowly circling lower with three fingers.

"Radu," snapped the woman. Radu looked up to the woman, separating himself from Ara. Ara was blushing horribly and attempting to hide in his sweatshirt.

"My apologizes, Regina," Radu kept his eyes on Ara and he didn't sound very apologetic. His voice was husky and low. It made Ara shiver.

Ara blushed. It was his first kiss. He rubbed his lips with his sleeve. He felt dazed. Oh my god, my first kiss was with a male! But I'm straight. Er, I thought I was… Erik's gonna freak. At least Kendra'll be happy. She loves yaoi hentai. She'd better not ask me to have sex in front of her. That'd be awkward…

"Your thoughts are so loud," Radu said with his eyes closed, rubbing his head against Ara's.

"You can hear my thoughts. Can she—?" Ara asked.

Radu shook his head. "No. She's purposefully blocking your thoughts."

"Why? Not that I want her to listen in or anything—"

"Because she is kind enough to give you privacy," this was directed at Regina with a little viciousness, and a kick to her seat.

"Oh. You don't want her reading my thoughts?" Ara guessed.

"Shh. No more questions for now, love. Just sleep," Ara closed his eyes and Radu caught Ara before he fell on the floor.

"He's cute. You're very lucky to be his mate." Regina prodded.

"Hush, Regina. I will properly chasten you later. And do not read his thoughts like you think I can not feel it."

Radu hovered a hand over Ara's face. A second later he said, "There. That will keep him protected for the time being."

"Not from you," grumbled the female.

"Oh, hush. And if I remember correctly, you are quite the yaoi fan yourself, Regina," he smirked.

"Yes. Too bad I missed that little show you put on earlier. Though I did give you two a couple seconds before I yelled at you."

"The kiss was not that long."

"Oh, but it was. I only caught the ending but I saw enough to know that you would've totally had him on the seat if someone else was sitting here." Regina grinned. "He so wants you."

"That is good. I would not have it any other way," Radu looked down at Ara, sleeping with his head in Radu's neck.

Ara slept. He was in his field of grass, looking at the sky. The sky was a dark blue, and there was a frightening, excited edge to the wind. A dark, cloaked male walked towards him.

Ara sat up. "Radu."

"Is this your secret place? I saw a flicker of it before." Radu asked.

'Well, it's not exactly a secret, but it's my favorite place. Usually the sky's lighter. It has an edge to it, don't you think? Is something happening?"

"It's time to wake up."

Ara opened his eyes. Radu's silver ones were so close to his face. Ara closed his eyes and Radu kissed him softly on the forehead.

Ara almost sighed in disappointment. Radu chuckled softly in his ear.

"I feel like a favored doll." Ara said, pushing at Radu's chest.

Radu set him down. "Perhaps you should," he grinned.

Ara rolled his eyes and oogled (A/N: there's only one O in oogled but I like spelling it with two O's. It's more "Ooh" that way.) a small bright purple car.

Radu laughed quietly. "Well, all aboard."

"Huh? Whoa. I want some questions answered before I go anywhere with you."

"Or I could throw you over my shoulder and make love to you in the back," Radu said, breathing his scent into Ara's face. Radu watched Ara's face get slightly pinker by the minute as what he said sunk in.

Radu's name is pronounced Ra-doo.

Regina's name is pronounced Ra-gee-na.