Yes, I've been hit.

Heavenbound was plagiarized by some Tashiexoxoxoxox on this site I'd never heard about called WeeWorld. It was posted as a blog entry; so far only the first chapter was posted but it's a word for word copy. This was posted three weeks ago. You can find the links on my profile.

I've already sent an email to the site admins laying down the facts. I hope they reply soon, and take it down and whatever, because this isn't a site where you can post comments unless you're logged in. I might just register and do some spamage, feel free to help me do this too. I reported it to the LiveJournal community fpwatchers, but you know how plagiarists are: the more we jump on them, the merrier.

I honestly NEVER in my life thought this would happen to me. Seriously. Fucking seriously. So now you know: you may think it never will happen to you, but google the tar out of your own junk regularly just in case.

Some tips I learnt on fpwatchers:

1) Prologues are usually ignored by plagiarists. Focus your main googling on chap 1 of the story.
2) Google is more powerful than other search engines.
3) Google short sentences (ten or so words) that are uniquely worded. Put them in quotation marks so Google keeps them together.
4) If a search pops up more un-showed results, view them too. That's where I found my case.
5) Do this regularly and act as soon as you find a case.

I hope this doesn't happen to any of you, guys. I also hope it doesn't happen again to me. But I'll be watching, and I won't take chances.

WARNING: If this ever happens again, I WILL REMOVE HEAVENBOUND FROM FP and you will never see it again. :)