The air was cool and crisp outside the ballroom that night. The lights and sounds inside were bursting as guests met each other and enjoyed a catered dinner. The banner hung outside announcing the occasion: "Alvin Hughes High School Reunion, Class of 2010." As some guests walked in and out of the building, one man stayed on the corner, leaning on the wall inconspicuously. The man felt his shaved scalp then took out a cigarette in the darkness of the night. A few seconds later, he was gratefully pushing the smoke out of his lungs.

Back inside, another man with short blond hair and brown eyes smiled and laughed. His gorgeous brunette wife smiled sitting next to him and clutching his hand. They were sitting at a table, talking to some of his old friends. Like the rest of the guests indoors, he was reminiscing on old times. All the while, his wife stayed with him and looked after their sleeping two year old son in a stroller.

The man, still smiling on all the memories being made inside the ballroom, proceeded to walk outside to get something from the car that he would soon forget. At that very moment, the man with the shaved black hair began to cross the courtyard, stomping his cigarette on the way. Yards away from each other, the two stopped walking their respective directions. They were bound to intersect if they had not seen each other.

The moonlight and some lamps were all that lit the aura around them that night. The two stood there, looking at each other. They were both shocked beyond reason, and grateful at this meeting. Their eyes locked in a way that they had never gazed at anyone else. In that long moment, it all came back. It had been well over ten years since the day they met, and an eternity since they had last seen each other. In that moment, the memories, that they both had pushed away and simultaneously kept forever in their minds, flooded back.



With the moonlight shining down on just the two of them, there minds and hearts both drifted back to a place that they had not been to for the longest time: high school.