I wear my heart on my jacket.

Hear it beat every second,

too fast at times (when you're around)

and slow, oh so slow (when you're not.)

I jump up and down in sheer glee because

when I sing, I imagine you hear me.

Everyone can see my heart (you can too),

everyone sees my love (you're blind, aren't you?)

Shout to the heavens: (I love you, I love you!)

It's the feeling that will never leave:

the hopeful feeling (that you might feel the same.)

After all, your heart is buried within you

and I will always know your jacket inside-out.

I don't hear your heart beating every second.

Perhaps it beats too fast at times (as fast as mine),

and slow, oh so slow (as mine slows down.)

Maybe you jump up and down with me (inside, alone),

as my glee shines through. (This joy only meant for you.)

Listen to the obvious, (I can only scream for so long.)