Posthuman Herald

A Convergence of Plans

The body of Prince Fracan crashing through the ceiling of the palace officially heralded my declaration of war against the Royal House of Normandy, but the undeclared actions had started quite a while before. An important tenet of a strategy is to ensure your enemy is unaware of your presence until it is too late for them. With the bulk of Norman forces and their Citadels stationed along the edges of the Zones, I commenced with my own military operations.

My own careful calculations and covert dealings fell into place. I personally waited behind the trigger of the specially modified crossbow I held in my hands. As a certain noblewoman lead a platoon of guards out the front of the palace, I compressed the trigger. The precise mechanisms and my own thaumokinetic abilities imparted the precise amount of kinetic energy into the projectile. The result was the projectile arced as precisely as I had planned, and straight through the helmet of Princess Dahut. As her body slumped to the ground, my own forces appeared, and our assault on the surviving members of the Royal Family commenced.

"Squads One and Two, secure peripheral structures," I commanded through my televox unit. "Squad Three, provide cover for Squad Four."

I cleared my mind, and the thaumai integrated into my cerebral cortex provided me a real-time display of the assault. Examining the forces inbound compared to the confirmed number of defenders, things did not look good for the damned Royals. However, as two of Squads secured the outer buildings of the palace, I noted a dark presence appear over my tactical display: a Citadel was inbound. Cursing myself, I issued an order that every fiber of my being loathed: "All Squads, fall back to extraction point! Repeat, all Squads, fall back!" I televoxed. "Enemy Citadel confirmed inbound!"

A televoxed response came as the Citadel materialized over the palace. "Squad Four Leader reporting in. Are you sure you want us to fall back? We have the enemy-"

With a burst of fire from the Citadel killing the entirety of Squad Four, I quickly abandoned my position in the tower and evacuated to the pre-designated evacuation point I had set up. My calculations for now had suffered a setback, but I needed to plan for the future. I had secondary operations that would hopefully be commencing as of now. As my remaining forces followed me into the portal, I reflected on what had brought me to this point.