Posthuman Herald

Posthuman Dawn

The false lord of men was dead, as were his sycophantic lackeys and incompetent family. Normandy had now ceased to exist, and in its place, countless petty lords waged war upon each other. The weaknesses of monarchy were returning a hundredfold to bite the remaining Normans in the behind.

A look at the Norman intelligence answered a few questions. It showed attack plans and a key weak points in the Republic's military. It had instructions on how to rapidly conquer the Republic, good locations for Enclaves, and tactics to employ against political leaders. In short, it was how to conquer the Republic in a few months. There were some notes on the "Homefront Legion" and remote outposts, but commentary stated they were "insignificant" and "only worth ignoring." I could not help but thing that some parts of this "information" might have had certain false directions and misinformation added to it. Perhaps the posthumans of the failed future had calculated a way to bring about a rapid restoration: have the Republic fall in the past, but eventually be restored and bring down Normandy once and for all. Quite a bit of crafty strategy.

The Nova Roma Republic Interim Government would be managed by Tiber and a few Senators and government officials that had managed lay low. The main Norman Enclave in Italia would be the de facto capitol until Roma City could be rebuilt from the shanty town it had been reduced to. The Trans-Planar Cartel has publicly been acknowledged to exist, and Walter had ensured they helped with reconstruction. Harumi has used some connections of hers to ensure that the remaining Normans here are assimilated or exiled rather than being allowed to plot and plan.

The Zones themselves had been reported to have stopped expanding worldwide. Zone-life, however, remained, as did the micromachines that inhabited them. With new Zone-reversing devices able to be deployed, it is possible some day that the Zones will be eradicated entirely. Obviously, research into xenopoli will be changed dramatically. Marius and Titus now lead a group of researchers along some new outposts in the Alps.They have noticed a dramatic decrease in the number of Fringer attacks.

As for me, I still have research to do. Much of the Cartel and xenopoli-derived micromachines still reside in my brain. The thaumai in my head still remains, helping me to decipher more technologies from the future that never happened. I have made this record for reference in the future. I am heading back to Site Eighteen to see if I can interface with the thaumai one more time. With the amount of micromachines existing in the world, the idea if one person could interface with and control them all would grant them theoretically godlike abilities. I must see if this is possible, and become a true posthuman herald. I must prevent this power from being monopolized by one man, but used responsibly. If I am not heard from, tell my friends that I will be at Site Eighteen.

The End.