Hey. For those who have read Fine Line, welcome back. For those who haven't, it's recommended that you read it because there are some things that you probably won't get. Also, because the ending to Fine Line has changed drastically, I'm putting up this "recap."


Keiran looked to Charlie. He didn't answer at first, but when he did, his voice was broken and quiet. "There's no easy way to tell you this."

"Then just say it," said Joeri.

Somehow, they got the feeling that whatever Charlie was going to say was going to be anything but good news.

"We're leaving Chicago," said Charlie miserably, the paper in his hands trembling. "Me… and Keiran…"


"I wanna say something!" announced Garrett, pushing everybody out of the way. He looked to Leah and asked, "Can I get some dramatic music going?"

Leah nodded and started to whistle Chariots of Fire.

Garrett looked back to the camera and clapped his hands together. "Charlie, I want you to know that whatever happens to you, wherever you go, and whoever you meet, that to us, you'll always be a girl and our expendable."

"Garrett, be nice!" scolded Fiona.

Garrett rolled his eyes. "And Keiran, whatever happens to you or wherever you go, you'll always be a dipwad." He smirked and hit his chest twice with his fist and gave the camera the peace sign.


The students could hear their principal snapping, "Keiran, get away from the speaker."

"But Mr. R-"

"I'm not afraid to put you in detention!"

"But I just wanted to say one thing before the day let out!"

There was a long silence before Keiran made a cheering sound and said loudly, "This is for the girl of my dreams- you know who you are!"

Caomhe sank into her seat, her face quickly reddening.



The other boys exchanged a look and sat around Charlie. "It's not like you'll be gone forever," said Joeri, a touch quieter than usual. "You'll come back for college."

"Yeah." Keiran nodded, but he was starting to look as sad as Charlie. "But three years, man…" He let his head hang.

Then Garrett said something that made everything normal again, if only for a moment. With a broad grin, he laughed, "Cheer up, emo kids."


"Aw… guys…" sighed Charlie, who was wiping at his eyes. "I guess this is goodbye."

"No it isn't," insisted Leah, diving into Charlie's arms again. "It'll never be goodbye." She closed her eyes tightly. She had gotten rather close to Charlie over the years; he was like her other best friend. "You'll come back and you'll get- you'll get mar-married to Violet and our ki-kids will intermarry and everything will- will be OK…" She cried hard into Charlie's shirt.


Keiran, however, ignored her question and went on, "And you know what else happened at the swing sets, Angel?" He was inches away from her.

Somehow, Caomhe was getting the idea that Keiran was, in his own funny little way, telling her what she had said. I love you, Keiran… "…I think… I remember…" she murmured, her eyes locking with Keiran's, her mind screaming, "MAYDAY," but nonetheless…

Keiran smiled that classically crooked smile of his, and…

Caomhe pushed Keiran off of her just as soon as it happened, breaking the kiss, and she yelled, "NO! I can't! We can't do this!"


Keiran shrugged. "Yeah, well… what can I say?" He stared sadly at the girl he once loved, no longer angry because he knew that for the first time, Caomhe's heart was truly breaking and he hated how he was the one who broke it. "You've been holding on too long," he whispered gently. He had a strong desire to call her Angel, but his stubbornness wouldn't let him. "You have to let me go." He opened the door as a silent suggestion for her to leave.

She started to walk away, but she wanted to give him one last thing to remember before she exited his life for good. "I hate you, Holmes," she muttered under her breath as she neared the door. And she did- she hated him for leaving. For breaking her heart. For letting her sabotage what they had together. For killing what little chance they had. She felt tears swelling up in her eyes again, but she couldn't let them go. "I HATE YOU!"

And then as she left, she heard a soft, cool voice reply, "Yeah… I know… I know… but there's a fine line between hate… and love."

Questions I know you're going to be asking:

1) Whaaaat? What happened to Keiran running away and the big thing he was saving for?

Answer: Changed it. Made it so it's his dad who's acting all mysterious, same with Charlie's dad. Keiran was never planning anything.

2) OK, I DEFINITELY don't remember (enter scene here).

Answer: That's cuz it's been heavily revised. Just told you that at the top of the page. :)


Answer: Cuz for one, I've been working on that last scene ever since I started the bloody story, and two, I just love the irony. :)

OK, if you have any more questions, feel free to ask.

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