memorial day

& they fight so.damn.hard
to keep you alive, even if all
they want is to come home and
see their baby daughter for the
first time ever, and they can't
because their job is to fight the
injustice in the world, in the form
of following orders perfectly; they
can't come home, not yet, not
until they know that they've
done their job right, not without
recognition of work well done,
or at least heartfeltfully done;
true, they murder for a living,
but they do it out of love
for their country, for their best
friends and family and for that
baby girl who won't get to see
her father except in his urn. so
why can't you stop your whining
and face the harsh reality of war?
why can't you just support your
men, who sacrifice so.damn.much
for you every day? no, i don't
espouse war, but i do believe in
the good of the men and women
who do the best they can to keep
us safe. with or without your support,
they are there through no fault of
their own, and with any luck, they'll
be able to be here, embracing their
daughters and sons and wives and
brothers and sisters and friends
and parents… instead of coming
home in black bags, or worse, not
at all. every other day of the year
you can bitch and moan all you want
about the cruelties of war, but just
for today, could you please show
some respect for those who lost
their lives fighting for yours?
thank you. semper fi