Spontaneity is a smile.
It is the exact distance between two parallel lines, never changing –
And spontaneity remains, because who's to say what's around that next…
Do parallel lines bend?

Define eternity. Contain infinity within a day, or limit a circle.
Spontaneity is the years in your eyes when you look at me.
I can trace every single drop of spontaneity;
They all left tracks on you for me.

Give me one good reason not to believe in you.
I'll give you ten lies and drown you in the spontaneous puddles.
There is something to nature, muted and changeable,
That which is spontaneous or believed to be so.

Change melts into dissimilarity with time, as if you could erase the tracks.
They're just buried for the moment being because eternity only lasts a day.
I promise you that one of these days, those lines have to cross.
Maybe then you'll have a little faith, too,
And become spontaneous.