Can you hear my cries for help?
Screaming, blasting this sound between us
Watch our hopes die
Incarcerated by my weakness
This weakness I refuse to share with you
Redefining fear in my heart
Killing loneliness with pain

But then I saw you.
Standing scared
Fearful of what I was
What I feared I'd become

Soon I'll awake from this sleep
Doesn't the world end with all of us?
But I refuse to let the pain breed
I refuse to watch you die here
Because I will remain here
Fighting, writhing
Watching time strangle me
Until the demon awakens

This beast I hide
To save you all
Will someday come alive
So watch me fade
Watch me die
Then look me in the eye.

Are you scared to see me fall?
Watching it all, all alone
Loneliness is the only way
To bring us all together again.