Another new story from me. I have way too many stories on my plate right now. I prefer to work on one till the end but I have been finding certain stories just want to come out. This one is one of them. It is completely different for me. It's going to be a supernatural romance story. It might turn out horribly, I'm not sure just yet. If anyone is interested in betaing for this story, please email me at . I'd appreciate the help. There are a lot of characters in this and I'm trying my best to ensure readers can keep them straight. It would really help to get another set of eyes on this. Enjoy!


5/5/2053 – New York City – Protector Inc.

My name is Fate Destiny. Remember it. One day it might be you who needs my help and not the other way around. But that day is not today. Today I have to ask for your assistance. I'm not going to tell you everything you want to know. You want to know how I survived this long. You want to know why I am doing this. You want to know exactly what I can do and what I am. Well, you're going to have to earn those answers. I haven't survived this long by giving up my best hand. What I will tell you is where Lucian Morenta is. You want to know that so badly, don't you? It wasn't too difficult to find him. But like you know, I'm a freak. I can do everything better. I'll tell you and you will give me Hunter Fox. I know you have him. I know what you want to do to him. Let's do this the easy way. A trade for a trade. You're smart. Don't piss me off.

Fate Destiny

The letter arrived earlier today and he had just received it. That meant it had been sitting here in his office for who knows how long.

"She's ballsy."

He crumpled the letter, glaring at his partner Jackson Frost. "She's a fool." Maverick Eos didn't have time for this. His superiors were just itching to get their hands on Hunter Fox. Everyone was waiting for the drugs to kick in so they could start really finding out what made him tick. So far, even though he was locked up and in their control, no one could get close to the kid. Anyone who tried ended up hurt. But they were wearing him down. Sooner or later they would win.

Fate Destiny was right though. Maverick wanted Lucian Morenta much more than he did Hunter Fox. He had to find Lucian. He just didn't know if his superiors would agree with his decision. Plus, he didn't want to give her the satisfaction of winning. She would use this to her advantage. Then again, it didn't really matter why Fox was different. In the end he would wind up with all the other freaks of nature. Protection Inc. had a world to protect.

"Let's go." Maverick didn't wait to see if Jackson followed him. He headed to the end of the hall. Heads turned as they walked closer and closer to the restricted access elevator.

"You sure you want to bother them with this?" Jackson asked, somewhat nervously.

"Not at all," Maverick replied. He didn't slow his step as he walked over the black line and into the shimmering force field. Jackson hesitated before following his lead. The scanners came then. Maverick clenched his teeth as the needles grazed his skin. This would be worth it. He needed to make them understand why they should do what she wanted. Fate Destiny might just win this round.