Yes, from this angle

Yes, from this angle

It's plain to see the sea is blue

And it's agreed the sky is flat

But then again, so are you

No, all the colors in their glory

Can't hide a heart that bleeds

The widest and most beautiful smile

Can't hide a soul that needs

Yes, in the end we are one

And words are pretty sounds that blend

But when you speak of warmth with cold lips

What message does the heart send?

No, time spent wishing

Waiting on dreams in the stars

Won't leave you time together

Sharing seats in the backs of cars

My friend, my love

You must come down from the clouds

It's so lonely on the ground

I cannot reach you

Being a part of reality

Is a cruel strain on the heartstrings

But worse to feel all the pain at once

Than a little at each parting

Yes, no

Yes, no

Love is complex, but simply beautiful

Lay with me.