Where can I go and what do I know

Where can I go and what do I know

Trying to see that it's fine to just be

These things in my head telling me that I'm dead

But still I can feel and I know that it's real

No, I'm not done and it's too late to run

Closing in

Taking hold

These eyes, these hands, these fears, this flood

These skies, this warmth, these tears, this blood

Are mine

Death feel my strength, you won't take them from me

God (Lord!)

I call on you to speak (King!)

Act now, deliver me (Man!)

(You ghost, you motionless entity!)

Show me the wrath (JUDGMENT)

For which countless have lived (WAR)

Died (PAIN)

Or forever I will turn

And live for me (PEACE)

For me

Ever since birth I have proven my worth

Resisted releases just to end up in pieces

I gave you my soul, now I'll never be whole

And yes I've been wrong so I wrote you this song

To challenge my fate, no, it isn't too late

Standing up

Breaking free

Where can I go

And what do I know

Where do I go

And what can I know

A free man can do

I can live without you.