Fingerprint a Jaque

Everyone is Jack

Nonsense means nothing or everything on something

Taking blue collar, blue tie men by the shy

Looking too hard in the details of things

Charcoal wrinkles and off-days (everyone has them)

Folding paper too small to find

Is a fault I'll never shiver off

Headphone jacks, mic. jacks, Jacks behind bars

Jack Caruaks and Jack Blacks

92.5 Jacks, Jackass

And the Ripper is a Jack too

Isolation, VO's, Romantic Predecessors,

Beatnik; Comedy Central

Music, Dicks and Pseudo-Psycho-Maniacs

Jack off to the world and you'd still

Just be one other Jack

One other everyone

Blue collar-Blue Shirt. He's a Jack

You're a Jack

But you're a different Jack than me