Ocean Blue

The ocean that reflects the sky,
baby blue, sky blue, royal blue.
A reflection of the soul, of the world.
Your mind let loose,
lost in the swirls,
of the everlasting big blue.
Many emotions rage upon this land,
of liquid and coral, of sunken boats and groves.
Anger, the typhoon, the hurricane.
Sadness - calm, the still pool.
Confusion, the whirlpool.
Many emotions travel the vast expanse.
Love, the fisherman and his boat,
nervousness, of an approaching storm.
Chivalry, of a young lad off-shore,
showing off to maiden's plenty.
On the expanse a particular emotion,
the feeling of loss, of grief, of reprieve.
The solemn boat, floating, lost it's way,
not a doubt. On it sails, looking for land,
to leave the expanse, the banner blue.
This craft, this vessel, never gives nor sways,
under the might of the big blue, the sea,
the ocean blue.