Twas the Night Before Tuesday

Twas the night before Tuesday
And all through the house
Every Kitty was stirring,
Even little Mouse (E. Cat).

There were big streaks of lightening
And thundering too.
"Mawmee da basement is drippin!
Oh whats shall we doo?"

So I sprang to the rescue
With big trash cans galore
Cause the guttering was leakin
Just outside the front door!

When I came back inside
All soaking wet,
The silliest thing happened,
Daisy May didn't fret.

She started love talking
And wanting some hugs
"Mawmee smells rain der full,"
Purred the silly love bug.

But I made her wait
Until I put on dry clothes
Then she sniffed my wet hair and
Paddy pawed my head with her toes.

That's the tale of my Daffy girl
A tabby dark brown
With her own scents of the world.

And that's how Mawmee spent Memorial Day Evening...