Summary: Heath didn't think collage was going to be so trying to his emotional stature. That's when he meet's Seth, and everything because aboslutly screwed up. Litterally.


Prologue: Seth

"Let me in.


"Come on, please?"


"I'll give you a brownie.


"Why are you being such a brat!?"


"Nothing to say to that?"

"Fuck you. That's what I say to that you damn asshole!"

I could almost feel the anger on the other side of the door. A smile curved my lips at the thought of him huddled on his bed, like a sullen child. He was so fun to tease. Maybe a little too fun if he was already swearing at me.

"Heath, just let me in. I'm getting weird looks from people."

"Go away and you won't get weird looks now will you?!"

I chuckled as I slid the credit card between the door and its frame. It took a second before I was able to force my way into the room. The little brat, ignoring me.

I was right, Heath was curled up in a tight little ball on his bed, though he was staring at me as if I were a ghost of some sort. All I did was open his door. Big deal. Honestly the kid was too naive for his own good.

"Why the fuck are you in here?" He threw a pillow at me. Yes, that's right, he threw a pillow at me. I think his parents may have dropped him on his head. I never knew a genius could be so, dumb.

"I'm here to see you dumbass." I closed the door behind me, taking a step closer towards his bed. "So stop throwing things at me."

His hand stopped midair in his attempt to grab something else to throw in my general direction. "Why? And would you just get out!? I locked the door for a reason!" His dark blue eyes narrowed in a demanding glare that forced a chuckle out of me. He was so cute when he wasn't thinking about it.

"Aww, did you think a silly old lock was going to keep out big bad Seth?" I teased, making my way towards his bed.

"Don't touch me! Don't you dare fucking touch me!" He yelled, jumping off the bed. "Stay away from me you damn bastard!"

"Language mister." I chided, reaching out and touching his fine blond hair. "You have such a filthy mouth for a child." I smirked as he blushed and tried to desperately pull away.

"Don't touch me." He moaned, closing his eyes and turning away.

"...Why the hell are you acting like this?" I demanded, forcing him to look at me. His eyes met mine, challenging and defiant. I smirked and lowered my lips onto his. He fought for a fraction of a second before giving in and parting his lips beneath mine. Just as it was getting to the good juicy part, he yanked away stumbling into the wall.

"You can't just come in here, kiss me, and think it's all gonna be okay. I saw you with that...that...girl! And you know what, I don't like being used for a sex toy!" He folded his arms across his chest, and tried to look angry. But the anger was fading and it was being replaced by hurt.


"Heath, she doesn't mean anything to me!" I cried, reaching out to him. "She's just a girl."

"And I'm what? I'm special because I'm the only guy you fuck!?" He snapped. "Or am I just the guy your fucking right now until you find a new one? Or maybe there are thousands of guys your fucking! I'm just convenient! Is that it?" His eyes were all watery and I was going to feel like real shit if he started crying on me. Damn it. I was supposed to come in here and have make-up sex. Not hurt the kid.

"Heath..." I grabbed him and pulled him into my arms whether he liked it or not. He didn't fight this time, just kinda stood there limp. "You are special...but not just because you're the only guy I'm fucking." He snorted, but didn't move away. "I really like you...I do. I'm sorry if I'm a horney college student who loves getting laid."

"Fuck you, get out of my room. I hate you." He wrapped his arms around my torso and buried his face against my chest. I dropped a kiss on his head and pulled away slowly.

"Want me to go?"

"Yes." Though his arms stayed wrapped around him, and he pressed himself closely to me. "No...I want..." His lower lip quivered and I leaned in and captured before he could start crying.

"You want?" I prompted, running my hands down the length of his back, pausing at just the base.

"I don't know." He groaned, placing his head against my chest. Him resting against my chest was making it really hard for a good make-out session. Which would ultimately lead to other things.

I let him go, moving back so I could make eye contact. He glared at me, though it didn't hold any of the anger that was there only moments ago. I'd swear the kid was bipolar simply because of his extreme mood swings.

I nuzzled his nose and moved around him to sit on the bed. "Make-up sex?" I suggested lightly, only half-teasing.

Heath rolled his lovely dark eyes, folding his arms across his chest and cocked a brow. Okay, maybe not, if I was getting those types of looks.

"Is that the only thing on your mind? Sex? Do you think of nothing else?"

"Not really, no." I replied truthfully. He gave me a rather rude jester before turning away from me completely.

"I hate you." He stated flatly, causing me to chuckle. He told me that at least fifty times a day, in which meant, of course, that he loved me.

I reached out and pulled him backwards until he was sitting in my lap. He didn't fight, didn't protests, didn't help either. I planted a long sweeping kiss to his collarbone, before whispering into his ear: "Prove just how much you hate me."

And he did just that.