Summary: Okay, look, I'm straight okay? I mean, I have a girlfriend and everything! So that makes me straight right? So...why with the guys and the kissing and the touching and the liking...Oh, god...COLLEGE TURNED ME GAY!

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I wasn't going to flip about the fact that I was going to have dinner with my now official archenemy. Why should I? I'm supposed to be a charitable person. Loving, caring, sweet.


"Calm down Heath, breath in-no Heath!"

Rachel was trying to hold me back, and she was succeeding. With her super duper Pixy powers. Because she was just that good. And I was trying to jump on telling what I planned to do to him. I wanted to just...GRRR!

It was frustrating, the feelings I was having towards Josh AND Seth AND Kyle. (Okay, not so much Kyle. Just wanted to include him in the feelings. Because I so knew the feelings I was having for him. ULTIMATE RAGE! Wait...but Kyle didn't know that me and Seth were making can't really hate him now can I? Wait, no yes I can! He's supposed to be straight! I remember! Okay, I can hate him again now.)

"Heath, calm down. Just, do this for me, please?"

"And what the hell have you done for me! And don't tell me help me with my boners! It's your fault for me getting them in the first place Mr. Touch My Naughty Places! You know I wouldn't want to have dinner with them and yet you just...GRR!" I broke free of Rachel's hold and turned away from the both of them. "I'm going back to the dorm. Rache, if you want a way home, you better come along."

"Umm..." I turned, staring at my friend. She looked torn. "'re being stupid." She finally stated. "Kyle is Seth's best friend in the whole world. They'd do anything for each other. Don't you have a person like that in your life?"

I paused, thinking about Abi. I know, she was annoying and kind of a ditz, but she was my first friend. And because of that, because of the fact that she offered me a hand and played with me when no one else would that summer I feel in love with her. And because of that I would deny her nothing. My feelings for her weren't exactly all. But they were deep and sincere. (Which meant I needed to explain to Abigail that I was cheating on her with a numerous amounts of guys.) But when it came right down to it, I would choose Abi over everyone who was standing in front of me. Which is exactly what happened with me and Seth and Kyle that night.

I sighed and nodded. "Yeah, you're right. I guess." I scoffed the bottom of my shoe. "I want to be friends again too...I kinda miss them." I smiled.

Josh rolled his eyes. "Don't be friends with them again-"

"You're being stupid too!" Rachel cried, kicking Josh in the shin. "I heard you guys used to be friends from Heath! Make up!"

"How the hell did Heath know!" Josh cried, rubbing his now sore leg. Hehe, he deserved it, jerk.

"Kyle told me." I replied cheerfully, watching the young man (snicker, snicker) before hop on one leg. Serves him right, going up against Rachel. I let out another sigh and we all agreed to wait for Kyle, Seth, and the special cake person.


It was odd watching Heath bound up to me, what was even weirder was him hugging me. Then Kyle. And smiling at us with that cute little boy smile he gives that just makes me wanna eat him up. What the hell?! Was the kid on drugs? Wasn't he mad at us?

"Mom!" Josh cried, hugging my mom. We weren't related, but we grew up together. And my mom became our mom. Hence why everyone had the urge to call her mom.

She wasn't that old either, in her mid thirties. She'd been too young when she had me, and life had never been easy for us. But she did everything she could to make sure I had what I needed.

"Oh Joshy! I'm so glad to see you!"

I watched Heath, who had now bound over to a red head and looped his arm through her's. This must've been Rachel. The one I kept hearing about. His blue eyes met mine, and he nodded once. As if everything that happened between us in the last week was simply understood and water under the bridge. I could've died with reliefe. Not having him in my life was weird. The sudden and thorough impact on me he had was weird, but I liked it. I cared about him in a way I'd only cared about three others in my life. And that did frighten me a bit...but in a way it made me feel like I was growing.

"Oi! Who's the red head?" I heard Kyle demand, eyeing the girl with what only could be described as LUSTY! Oh boy.

"Oh, Mom, this is Heath and Rachel." Josh interjected, motioning for the two to step forwards. "Heath's my roommate and Rachel's our mutual friend."

I watched as my mother hugged and kissed both of them. And watched Rachel blush madly when my mother told her how beautiful her hair was. (My mom was a looker mind you.) Why did I get the feeling that the only straight person around me anymore was my mom? (Because I wasn't sure about Kyle anymore...)

"Heath?" I took Heath aside as our large party filed into Olive Garden. He stopped, looking up at me with his innocent eyes. "I'm sorry about what happened."

"It's okay. I think I understand. I was mad at minutes ago. But...Rachel kinda made me understand what was going on. And well, obviously you hadn't planned it, and not to mention the fact that Kyle is your best friend and you love him dearly. Of course if he walked in on you and then ran off upset you were gonna go after him. I'd of done the same thing anyway. Like, if you know, Rachel walked in...or Abi or something like that. Because they're my friends and I care about them and stuff..." He scoffed his feet on the ground, looking a bit sheepish. I pulled him against me, hugging him tightly.

"I'm still sorry..."

"I know."

He looked up, I looked down, we both smiled.

"OI! Dog for brains! Are you coming or what! I'm starving and they have their never ending pasta bowls!" Rachel was standing by the door, glaring daggers at us. Heath winced and detached himself from my arms before skipping towards her. (I'm not kidding, the Kid skipped towards her. It would so look gay if it didn't look so damn cute on him.)

I fallowed behind, admiring Heath's butt. We were okay, but we were a long shot from where we were when we first met. (As in, I could totally jump him and he wouldn't even really mind it.) I'd have to work on that. I grinned. Plan: "Ultimate Seduction" was now in place.

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