Transform Me

Someday, someday I pray
Music to make, players to play
Transform me into a Player Queen
My pictures shine in a magazine
I want to be a Star, sing so fine
Respect, pleasure, admiration mine

Is it just their high, their own music move?
Or do they really like the way I groove?
Riddled with doubt, it isn't fair
To wish to know the magic so rare
It's hard to play when confidence fails
Come on sing now, sing of tales

Working the words, trying to make them rhyme
Selling my Soul for some Stage Time
I talk of illusions and a make believe dreams
That fade away in the morning sun beams

Dance in my spot light, proud and true
Sing of acid, burning through
Make believe dream goes up in smoke blue

(age 16, I wanted to be in my cousin's band soooooooo bad!, and well, get back at the girls who bring me down as an added bonus)