Here Are Some Soldiers and Queens

Yes, we can talk of soldiers and queens
I know exactly what she means
And I can watch from the wall
And say nothing or say it all

No we are not lovers, we are a dream from a distant sea
When I said you don't know me
I didn't want you to turn away
But to come closer and stay
Come closer and stay

So the soldiers and queens dance in your head
And she played for your heart till her fingers bled
And by your side some Poet's Wine
Lingering there as some small sign

It's just a dream from a distant sea
When you said, "you don't know me"
I didn't want to go away
But I didn't know what to say
Didn't know what to say

There they are, the soldiers and queens
Playing out their intricate scenes
And in their rush, I'm left behind
I'm here for you to find

The Poet's Wine
Still lingering as a small sign
And still dreaming of a distant sea
Dying in this cold reality
This cold reality

(of course I had to give the cruise ship romance one more shot with a little help from the Suzanne Vega tape he gave me)