Emerald glass, sunlight reflects and glows
Huge ships row over so slow
Feeling the waves as I glide and soar
Cold as ice, shakes my very core
Life swims by to some distant shore

Drowned at sea, years beyond range
My life renewed by a Magic Change
Animals with scales speak when near
Bubbles float to the top, I can't hear
In the ocean, I can't see my tears

Life of my own comes sinking down
To share my Fate?! I'll dress in my gown
But the lungs are drenched, heart is still and blue
No Magic to save him and help him live too
All alone here, why do I still do...

(age 17, after seeing some Saturday afternoon TV movie I thought was cool--this gal had immortality if she stayed in/near the ocean--she first visits the guy in the lighthouse playing on the beach as a kid, then he grows up and eventually is an old man, whereas she's still young & beautiful as always and won't leave the ocean to be with him)