Fifth graders are gossiping

Fifth graders are gossiping

about their latest crushes.

When I was in fifth grade,

talking to you was all I ever

thought about or ever did.

Sixth graders laugh with friends

at random, immature jokes.

When I was in sixth grade,

I spent more time slicing myself

than smiling with friends that weren't friends.

Seventh graders infuriate each other

with meaningless flirtation.

When I was in seventh grade,

I didn't have the heart to crush on a guy,

cause I saw your face every time I closed my eyes.

And now I'm in eighth grade.

When you were in eighth grade,

we fell in love together.

And now I'm in eighth grade,

and you fell out of love, alone.

I am in eighth grade now,

I am in love, and I am…