The thing about epiphanies is,

The thing about epiphanies is,

they happen after your mistake,

like realizing your stupidity

would make everything peachy keen,

jelly bean. It's also ambiguous.

Am I epiphanizing about how

he didn't know what he wanted?

No, too obvious. I was the only

girl, most days. Epiphany: I wasn't

the only girl, most days. Maybe it was

when I realized I loved him. Yeah,

it was about as romantic as

when Georgey Padilla put a worm

on my shoulder in A.M. kindergarten.

No, my sudden lucidity came

at a time after the pain

and confusion and heartbreak.

Current knowledge: I can't give

you what she can. You say such

pretty words to hide the ugly the

world slapped at you. The personified

versions of my journals must think

you're a complete asshole.

Epiphany: I still love you.