Today I went to the emergency

Today I went to the emergency

room to have a CT scan because

I've been having headaches that

don't go away. You're going to

kill me one day from all the stress

and sleep deprivation you induce.

Dr Nishimoto says to relax, rest,

and eat, with emphasis on the latter.

I wonder how she can suspect

anorexia with my frame spatially

eating her alive. But I guess she's

already assumed her assumptions.

If I was her I'd throw mental illness

into the picture, too, upon seeing

a chubby, darkly clad vegetarian

with faded scars on her arms

complain about headaches.

Anorexic, depressed, stressed, she hinted

at it all. I half-suspected her

to recommend decreasing my

dose of you. That would help.

Doctor knows best.