I want to sit under the stars with you,

make and defy love with you,

bury our toes in the sand and

black boots in the snow with you,

lay forever in a field with a Chicago sunrise

and Caspian Sea sunset with you,

the top of the world and the middle

of the Earth don't seem so scary with you,

I'd meet all the gypsies, ballerinas, and

manic-depressives in the world with you,

create a world and make our

dream home out of boxes with you,

I'd commit every sin, do every

good deed, write all the words in the

world for you and never let you bleed.

if I could be with you I'd never

close my eyes and miss Baby's First Word,

if I were with you I'd lay with you, baby,

under the stars, and thank my lucky ones,

that I could have you at all.

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