I remember it all so clearly; every little drop of blood spilled; every sharp cry as they were slaughtered and burned at the stake. I was just six years old.


My name is Prince Ryumii Lovell, heir to the throne of the kingdom Marez. I was born six years before my mother and father killed off the entire race of merpeople living within our kingdom. They told me that they killed them because they were a threat to the human race. What a load of junk.

I will never be able to forget what I saw. Throughout the castle grounds, the race was slaughtered. Some were whipped, some stoned, some choked and suffocated, some burned alive. Their screams and cries still ring in my ears.

It sickens me to the bone that every year there is a festival held to celebrate their deaths; as if it were something good! However, I do enjoy the festival, as cruel as it may seem. It gives me a chance to spend the entire day with my best friend, Hariimata. No studies; no paperwork; no worries.

Anyway, it's been thirteen years since the extinction of the merpeople took place and today the huge festival going on throughout the entire city. Finally, a break.


Okay, so here's the dealio. I got an entire new idea for the plot of One Heartand I'm going to be rewriting it. I promise this will be must better, longer, and deeper than the last draft. This will be the real deal. Promise.

Love, Caroline