Mysterious but Silly

Relearning honesty
And starting with myself
non-destructive modesty
And nothing left to sell

Is this the place for this?
Is there a place for this?
Just what is the point in this?

Just tell me I'm as crazy as I think
Don't tell me it's like this for everybody
I'd like to keep some hope for humanity
Like this we won't accomplish anything

Why must we be
Thought out so meticulously?
Why can't we see
Some fraction of reality?
One pure and simple thing?

Why must I identify?
Why must I try to quantify?
Why can't I just live and die,
Being on the fly?

Amorphous and describable as an emotion in the wrong
As porous and inviable as the silence of the strong
This here is heard and gone
And wasn't all along