Left Alone

Left Alone

I sit in my room

The curtains closed

The light turned off

The cuts exposed

The silent tears

Flow down my cheeks

Crying about

These past few weeks

Everything changed

My life is no joy

Happiness left me;

It was only a ploy

Nothing left to fell

Just pain in my heart

For all of my friends

Who were torn apart

Their lives are over

Nothing for them to feel

But I'm still here

With scars that wont heal

You left me here

To cope all alone

With no-one to turn to

Cold as a stone

No feeling left

Just pain inside

Acting normally

Through this rough ride

Nobody sees the tears

Or hears screams in the night

As dreams reveal memories

With which they bring fright

Nothing but agony

Left in my heart

Beginning to wish

My life had no start

My depression sinks deeper

Not willing to leave

I spend most of my time

Trying to grieve

I miss my friends

And my family as well

You left me here

Just a nervous shell

I have nothing left

That's worth living for

My wounds torn back open

Much worse than before