I saw her in the hallway with him,
laughing happily
with the biggest smile I've seen
in a long time.

(I really am happy for her.)

I watched her
trip a little over her feet,
giggling and giving him a dirty look,
and I pretended not to see.

(I really am happy for her.)

I looked away quickly,
hiding my scorn
and trying to smile
as she caught up with me.

(I really am happy for her.)

I try to smile when she tells me about him,
I try to laugh when she says something funny,
but it's the hardest thing to do
when you're too protective to let go.

a/n: I'd really like to explain this one away, but I can't.
I had a really hard time writing.
This has never happened before.
I can't write anymore!
I'm waayyy too fucking stressed.