Pathetic Fallacy

Pathetic Fallacy

The rain beats down heavily

Forming puddles on the ground

Crying in the rain is good

As your sadness isn't found

The thunder rolls angrily

And the lightning flashes bright

Illuminating tear streaks

In the brief seconds of light

The anger sinks in deeper

As the anger grows in your heart

The lightning flashes boldly

On the pain right from the start

But no-one hears you screaming

As the thunder hides your pain

And the lightning removes attention

As you seek some help in vain

The people all around you

See only problems of their own

And no help is available

Your vulnerability is shown

As the puddles at your feet grow

And the depression sinks in

You feel darkness all around you

Only sadness, distress and sin

The darkened sky and torrential rain

Show exactly how you feel

As you stand in the heart of the storm

Waiting for your wounds to heal