Germany, 1949

A Lufftwafe jet, an Arado bomber, came to a stop on the tarmac. Inside the plane, Germany's greatest hero waited to be on German soil again after two successful campaigns. He looked worn out, his face looking older than it was and tanned from the war he had just fought. He wore his trademark, his Field-Marshall cap, his British tank goggles, and his leather long coat. The man could finally see his wife, whom he loved, and his son, who he was very proud of. Also, how his country was rebuilding after the long years of war. There was a great chance that Germany could finally be at peace. He looked out the window to the group of Germans, the soldiers and the photographers. Even cameramen for the reels that would be shown. He was glad he was finally home,

"Herr Rommel?" his aid drew Erwin Rommel's, the Fuhrer of the German Reich, attention away from the window. "Are you ready sir?"

"Of course" Rommel got up and started walking to the hatch.

All his enemies were destroyed; he could now take his time to restore his empire, Hitler's once Third Reich.

I will always remember that day, October 12th, 1949. It changed my life and supposedly, history. I was standing behind the mass of people ready to see their hero. I was standing up, my back leaning against the damaged apartment building. It was damaged from the reining bombs of the RAF. It had been, over the year, totally reconstructed. The city, almost all of the grand German cities was becoming what they had been before. You could hardly see the damage of the street. The Nazi battle flags and the crowds probably helped in covering it up, especially and this so called 'happy day' where Germanys greatest hero was returning from his campaigns from the Middle East and Israel.

The sun was hid some times because of the clouds. The wind was started to bring in grayer ones. However the people were still joyous. I hope, prayed that it would rain that day.

My name is Albert Hunt. I was once a German soldier, a member of the Waffen-SS, Totenkopf Division. Many would say I am a Nazi. I'm still am. I loved Adolf Von Hitler since I was young. He did a lot of good things for Germany, turned it into an empire. I would die for him and all of Germany. His vision for Germany was wonderful. I am proud that I could take part completing it. I fought in France and Russia. In those years I saw a lot of good Germans day in terrible ways. They had made their greatest sacrifice.

I was there, on that street in Berlin for a mission that had been bestowed on me. To exact Justice. My comrades chose me for this, and I would complete it.

"The troops are coming down the street!" a young thin man came down the sidewalk spilling the news. He was thin, and tall.

It was better that the prey was coming to me, not the other way around. I began to hear the distant steps of the soldiers coming down the street. It was time to prepare. I silently and stealthy I picked up my duffel bag and went inside the apartment building. I walked fast through the dim lighted hallway. I came to a door on the second floor; door 20. The door was left open for me; it was one of my comrade's friends who did not like the 'New Germany' as well. All the lights were off and nobody was at home. I noticed that a large picture of Hitler laid on the wall, good at least someone cared like us. I quickly went for the window. Opening it I heard children running through the alley to witness the homecoming of "Germany's greatest hero." I went out onto the fire escape stairs that led up to the roof. I walked cautiously. Someone could see me from the windows of the building, however, I'm sure most of them were out on the street

Once I got to the roof, I heard more marching down below. Several Jet fighters flew over heard. I was an experienced soldier; nothing would startle me on this mission.

I ran to the edge where I could get a good view to shoot. Setting my bag down, I opened it, and pulled out a Gewehr 43, a sniper weapon, however, not my favorite. I quickly loaded it, and with it looked over the edge. The marching soldiers were almost done; tanks were almost here. I now had to wait.

He would come to me, my enemy. I didn't hate the man entirely; I knew that he was trying to rebuild the cities of Germany. I used to read the papers seeing his exploits in Africa. He was brilliant and a worthy general. To me personally, even though I would not say in front of my colleagues, he was a hero, yet, still a personal enemy.

He has destroyed the great foundations of the Third Reich and has thrown away what made it great. Hitler dreamt of world where Germany was the master of all, where the Aryan would remain Aryan, and the bloodline was to remain untarnished, and all the less-worthy would be destroyed. That Bolsheviks would be destroyed. I believed in many of these things, yet I should say that my term of service at Bergen-Belsen camp was the most horrible thing I ever went through. However, I knew in the end it was better.

The general, the hero, he betrayed Hitler's dream, that is his greatest crime. He made peace with the dirty Bolsheviks when he had the ultimate firepower to destroy them. He freed the Jews, the Slaves and probably now, Germany again could be controlled by them. He was probably under their control right now. He even made a country for the Jews: Israel. He set out to have justice, in collaboration with the Americans, betraying some of the great soldiers that in the beginning vowed loyalty to him. And even worse, after betraying Hitler, probably stirring in his grave, he said that all Germans honor him. Pathetic how could he say that. He is now unworthy to live for what he has done.

Tanks rolled along, soon they would be finished and the Generals in their fancy cars would be coming up. I would be proud for what I will do. For all those other German generals, I wish I could exact justice as well. Yet they passed. I could have shot them but the bigger fish was soon approaching. I was nervous yet still holding strong. I thought of what all Germany's might think. In the back of my mind I always knew, this would cause more problems, especially for me. I remember the night when I was given my assignment.

"So I think that everybody has already heard about this new guard that "The fox" is forming?" Rudolph, one of my comrades for years said first as my comrades sat down in a solemn bar in Hamburg.

"It's really just another stab in the back, this time against the Gestapo." Heinz, a bald and medium fat man, he was in the fight but worked in the Reichstag for some years before the new guys fired him. "He's creating some sort of military like the SS, yet different."

"It's sort of like the Praetorian Guard that the Romans had, I spoke up, crushing my last cigarette into the ash tray.

"Who cares what it is like," the ringleader of our operation was my former commander, Colonel William Raeder, the one that volunteered our unit to Rommel's command. He was an Aryan in every aspect, blond, but had a mixture of blue-sapphire. "I'm out of the job, they're only hiring people who, are not totally fascists."

"Pathetic," I quietly said, but wasn't really heard.

"I'll think they will be hiring Jews soon enough will be allowed in it," Rudolph joked, and the bartender only chuckled.

"Perhaps," Raeder though for a few moments. "He is coming back from the East in a few weeks. He's created a land for the Jews…"

"Now that would be a fun place to visit," I said as a sarcastic joke. All the other chuckled, Raeder smirked a bit, but I did interrupt him.

"…About three from my, the grand parade in which Berlin will see its hero return will be held." He took a pause looking solemn, and at each of us. "On that day we will assassinate him, on his grand return from victory."

The gasps could be heard in New York. It was ambitious, deadly and dangerous. Immediately I saw the genius in it, yet I would not want to be the one with the job, at first.

"With a sniper rifle. We will bring back Germany to what it should have been!" Raeder yelled. "And exact justice on the traitor a a great leader, mine and our leader."

"Then who will take on the mission?" Heinz asked.

Raeder looked at me first. "You have experiencing being a sniper don't you Hunt?"

Suddenly, after nearly a half-hour wait, I saw his car finally coming down the road. I didn't turn my head, just used my eyes. I adjusted my weapon so I had a firm grip. I only had one shot at this. If I could not get him, I would be finally finished. My heart began beating. I tried to silence it with slow breathing which I had been taught. It helped, a bit.

He was getting closer. I pointed towards the large black car. It was a Volkswagen, black, pristine and shiny. It was new. On the front two small flags, the battle flag which the 'Desert Fox' took as his own personal flag, and the first flag of the Reich. I looked for him through my scope and I found him, in all his glory.

I first saw he was smiling waving out to the crowd that cheered his arrival. He seemed joyful, his wife beside him in the prestigious vehicle. He wore his trademark uniform. I remember first seeing it in newsreel from Africa. He waved with his baton once or twice. I had him in my scope. I would wait until he got a little bit closer than…

My heart was started to beat again. I could end this right now; just leave. I would be a traitor to my comrades. I hate traitors and back stabbers. Was Erwin Rommel one? I would have a lot of time to think of it. I pulled the trigger and, just like any rifle, it fired. Right before the impact, he saluted someone in the crowd. I hit him in the head, right through his cap. His head jerked, and then he fell over unto his wife. It was a powerful blast. His cap came right off and fell onto the floor of the car. I watched through the scope as he fell into his wife's lap. It seemed to me that all life stopped. That I, with my rifle, and the dying Rommel were the only two things in the universe. In a second it was only one, me.

Once I came out of what I was in, I heard screams coming from down on the street. I put my rifle down and leaned over the edge. The Volkswagen had stopped. The driver came quickly got out and went for the back door to help. Soldiers quickly rushed to the car. The other cars with the generals in them stopped as well. Some of the crowd dispersed, but many still stayed in tact ducking of course. His wife was starting to cry, holding her love in her lap.

I just got up and left, not turning around. I used the fire escape, but walked through the alley. I left my rifle on the roof.

So, I had killed Field Marshall Erwin Johannes Eugene Rommel, the Fuehrer of the Third Reich. They held a large funeral for him, just like they did when Adolf died. I, out of my comrades, was the only one who came. It was fitting I think. He was buried in his hometown of Ulm. After the moment of grief had passed, justice had to be done. It was a nation wide search; this 'Praetorian Guard' Army was at the forefront. The German people wanted blood, including my own. They found most of my comrades in lest than five weeks, all trying to flee. I didn't, I just kept quiet, and kept my head down. The bartender and the man with the apartment were also find, and charged with accessory to murder. I was the last one caught, and I confessed.

So, now I am on death row, in the same cell that Goring was in. It's creepy. The thoughts in the back of my head on that night I was given the assignment screamed inside my head. However, all those screaming thoughts; I was stubborn and I told myself that I was doing justice. We weren't heroes; we were criminals of the Reich. We were IDIOTS! FOOLS! These actions didn't bring back the Germany we had done this for! We were fools! All of us were. Thinking that we could become heroes, pathetic. He was the hero, Rommel the Great. He had conquered Italy, Britain, North Africa and Egypt, and most of the Middle East, stretching all the way to Baghdad in Iraq. He was a good and noble warrior who only wanted the best for his people, and his captives. I felt remorse but I pushed it down. I was given a job and I did it.

Now, as I hear the footsteps coming down the cellblock, I wished in the back of my mind, I hadn't done it in the first place.