Legend of fallen gods. Chapter 1: Shinen & the King. (First person :)

My name is Shinen. I once was a child like so many people once have been but that is where my likeness stops. When I was three I saw my entire family murdered by a dragon. There was no point for it, the dragon just rose up and killed them. My entire life I have devoted to learning anything I can that revolves around fighting. Hoping one day I will be strong enough to strike that foe down. How did I get here? How I become this, assassin? Sure can't be the pay, it sucks. It can't be because I like to kill people, because honestly, I don't, I'd rather take them away and smear red paint everywhere, have a fire and throw a deer on the fire. The smell of a dead deer in the fire without being skinned smells like death. By no means am I stupid. I have been well educated. The elves taught me honour, magic, swordplay, as well as how to read and write.

I sit here in the dark perched on the wall around my prey's home. Waiting and watching, for the perfect time to strike. Make it look like you didn't do it. You have enough heat as it is, a mark like this one will make you dead before you can say boo. I remember my orders given. Bye someone who had heard of my specialities. I am well known among people. They know my style. The also know my fire. When I was 26 I was lead to believe that I was sent on a mission to kill one person on Mt. Voldorf, a few leagues away from town. Now I wonder how I could have been so stupid. I went there but it was a trap. 12 men where there, I didn't know until I was bound by magic. They all closed in around me muttering something in a foreign language, the held fire and two parts of a chest piece. I was knocked unconscious, but I came to when the deed was done. I guess they left me for dead. I had lost a lot of blood. I was badly burnt, and I could not take off the chest piece. It was bound to my very body. Sunk into my chest. And it was on fire. I had thought they doused me in alcohol, I was sadly mistaken. I managed to get to my feet and my wits about me I knew someone was watching me. I didn't care I was screwed, they left me for dead. I thought I was. Again I passed out. When I came too, there was an old hermit that was cooking what seemed to be fish on my fire. I didn't care, I wasn't cold and I wasn't hungry. I rolled over and fell back to sleep. I dreamt of a man, an elfin man, of great stature and importance. And of a dark creature, black as night, as was his soul.

I awoke the next day, fully rested, my body had adapted to the chest piece. I knew some magics and it seemed like they where amplified from the chest. I knew it was black magics that bound it to me, and the only way to break it was to find those that did it to me. The worst part of it all, the memories came back to me, as they where putting it on me, I knew them all. They where all the leaders of their races. Human, Elf, Dragon (though he was in human form, I know this because of the eyes) Goblin, Orc, Vampire. A group that calls themselves magic users, demon, the tree people, the undead, the centaurs, and a race I had never seen before. I can only assume that all these people wanted me dead. I was good at my job, maybe too good. I vowed then and there, that I would find these people and kill them, I would find a way to make them not able too see me coming. Like the way I was before. Everyone shunned me. They did not like what they could not understand, that is what was wrong with the world. They attempted to explain the way I had become, saying it was the gods way of punishing me, little do they know, it was a blessing in disguise.

I left for the human King. Joseph Hammerfist. He got his name because that is how he got to be king; he punched the last king so hard he killed him. And here we are. I am perched on the wall I have taken out all the guards, 82 of them, All dead. I felt sorry for all of their families, I knew that they where fathers, sons, husbands, and lovers, But I did what had to be done. Through my endeavour coming here I stumbled on a little information that helped me. The fire on my body can be used against my foes, also that if I spread the blood of the people that did this too me I can get the damn thing off. So I jump at the opportunity. It's not like I don't like it, it's a pain in the ass trying to sneak up on someone when you're a human lighter. Yes, I can laugh at my situation, I do often. If you can't laugh at yourself, than you can't laugh.

The fire is out in his room. Excellent, now is my time to shine. A smile creeps across Shinen's face at the words. Shine. He moves with grace crawling up the wall. Up to the window. Even if he sees my light, it's no matter; it just means I get to have a little fun before he dies. The window flies open, the king can't believe his eyes, the man they had left for dead 6 years ago on the mountain. A 6'3 man, blowing long brow hair, Dark green eyes, once full of such love, now stone cold, except for death. A sword of flame, this must be the flame-berg we hear so much about, hells flame, bound to hells minion. Shinen, thane of the underworld. He looks pissed. Does he know? He couldn't possibly. He was out cold. He couldn't, then why is he here? Does someone have the balls to send him after me? Does HE have the balls to kill me? The guards will come as soon as I yell. The others must know, I will find out why he is here.

"Why are you here Devil spawn?" the king says in a dignified controlled manor.

"Oh come now, your not telling me you don't know your own handy work when it come back at you?"

"Shinen?" the king plays dumb.

"Now, now king, don't play and idiot, though it is becoming of you, we both know why I am here." The king's face turns red from the insult. That's right let your emotions be your undoing. "You pig faced bastard, I have come to claim your life. I want this crap off me and I am willing to do almost anything to get it off."

"Is it really that bad?" he says calmly. After being insulted. " So what you can't get a job, you were never good at anything anyway, now you have a reason to do nothing. Hell, you could work for me. There you go, a job offer, I doubt that anyone else would let you work. Being on fire and all, not to mention that you're an assassin, and all."

Shinen knows what the king is doing. It's gonna work you idiot, your pissing me off, but as for your damn guards, they all dead, just like you will be. "Ah, but you see, your wrong. I have a job; I'm in the revenge business. You were dead that night you helped those other bastards, you just didn't know it yet. If you want to make peace with your god, I suggest you damn well do it now."

" Dead then was I? Why do I find that hard to believe? GUARDS!"

Shinen smiles. "I don't think they're coming." Shinen puts his hand to his ear, as if to amplify his hearing, though it did not, his hearing was great enough to hear a pin drop three floors down on the table of wood.

Nothing stirred but the wife and mice. "I don't hear them." Shinen pulls out his sword. "This is your last chance, I'm going to kill you no matter what you do. So go grab you sword and lest fight like civilized people."

"No." the king laughs. What the hell am I going to do?! " Why are you here?"

"Well, to kill you of course." Shinen focuses his mind on the feet of the king, and then he sees the stone of the floor swallow him. Up to the neck. Instantly the floor swallows the king. Before he can scream Shinen's hand is over his mouth. "Shh. I'm guessing your attempting to get information, it's not going to work. I know deception, I know lies, and I know your prerogatives, self-preservation. I won't fall for it."

The king frantically searches for words. " What do you want? Money, power, life again, love, lust, to die, what? What the hell do you want?"

Shinen sits down next to the king's head. Puts the sword across his lap, pointed end closest to the king. "What do I want? That's the best you could come up with? No pleads for me to spare your life? Wow, you are a dick. No wonder why it was so easy to get here. To damn sure of yourself, and now you die rightfully, helpless." Shinen gets to his feet; the sword again bursts into flames. The king screams, nothing but a death gurgle, that of a sword in the throat. Shinen wipes the blade off on his chest. The flames happily lick the blade clean. The chest piece cracks. "Good. I'm glad it actually worked, one down, eleven to go." Shinen walks out the window

Chapter 2. The giant and the man. ( that's one big mother-)

Shinen walks home. The dirt road ridden with weeds and grass, the only care it gets is when Shinen uses his fire step walking, and then it all burns. No one walked down this path, for it lead straight into his home. Shinen entered his private grotto. There where burnt patches of ground everywhere. He had used some Magic techniques to do this but most of them where from where he had slept. He knew what would happen if he slept in the house. He had made that mistake once. He paid for it the next day, having to cut down trees to make a new house. There where also many burn marks made from his own special tricks. He made them just in case he had to fight someone stronger than himself. That way he might have the upper hand. He spent most of his recent days fortifying his mind, he had heard that there were men so strong in magic that they could take over someone's mind, and make them do whatever they wanted them to do.

Walking to the house he started thinking. The villagers hate me, and I need food for the rest of the month. I hate the way they look at me, as if they know my past and they judge me because of it. I never meant to do those things to hurt people; I was trying to get in the god's good grace. Now though, there's no way I can do that now. Even though most of the people that I was supposed to kill I hid, I knew that killing a family just because they hadn't paid their taxes was wrong. How can I get their respect the only way that could possibly...

Shinen ran into the house, grabbed a bag full of money and ran into the town.

The town was abuzz. Everyone wondered why the thane of the underworld was here. Food, drink, company, souls? No one knew, they just all felt uncomfortable with him there. With the new death of the king, there where many people that claimed they had killed the king, but none could prove that they did. Such was the custom in this town. They knew that they needed a strong king, how else would you prove that other than by killing the current one? The guards had "let out" false details about the death of the king, that way the person that was right about it they'd know it was them. Shinen walked up to a guard and whispered in his ear. "I am Shinen Urakus, sword master, magic wielder, kings bane, I have killed the king formerly known as Hammerfist."

"Prove it." the guard said skeptically.

"The king was found in a melted pool of rock with a stab through the throat. 82 guards were found dead. The wife and children where oddly not harmed. I had no qualms with them, I spared their lives."

"No one was given that information. How did you get this information Demon!" The guard clears his throat.

"It's because I was the one to kill him, as I have already stated." Shinen begins to get a little angry.

"Prove it, no doubt you have heard of our new protector, a giant, Slay him and we will accept you as our king." The guard grins. There's no way a shrimp like him could beat our giant. But he did kill the king without raising any alarms. But even if he does fight it, he won't win the beast will slaughter the little man.

"Fine we will fight outside of these walls, I don't trust you and your men, you dog faced bastards would probably slaughter me as soon as it begins." Shinen walks out to the food vendor, takes four loaves of bread, a bag full of rice, some other things and walks out of the town. Well I guess now I have to kill a giant. I really don't want to. I'm getting sick off killing people. When I'm king I'll do away with this stupid rule. When I become king everyone will love me, and respect me. Shinen walks out the front doors and they close with a dull thud. Shinen hears the roar of the giant, being unshackled, and let go. The giant came over and looked at Shinen and then the guard. in a big booming voice he asked, " What am i supposed to do? Break this little man in half? I could use him as a toothpick."

"Well big guy, I do say you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, and thinking me like that, it will lead to your demise. If you would like to fight me, I'll tell you it won't be easy."

The giant was 16 feet high, big brown eyes, A massive sword that was bigger than Shinen, and a helmet. It reminded Shinen of when a child put a pot on his head and ran around.

"Big talk littler man." At the end of the sentence he threw a massive punch. Shinen sidestepped so it wouldn't hit him, the giant's fist hit the ground. Shinen ran up his arm and sat on his shoulder. Right by his ear. "Now, I told you I wouldn't go easy on you. You see I have killed many people." A massive hand cut off Shinen, swinging at him. Shinen dropped of the giant. " Well, at least let me know the name of my killer."

"My name is Dolthan."

He threw another mighty fist, Shinen saw it coming, and threw one also. hope this works. the two hands meet, there was a blast of fire and the giant was forced to the ground. Shinen knew what he had did, so he ran up the leg across the chest and held his flaming sword to the giant's throat." Move and you will die!" He said to the giant.

"You see, I could easily kill the king, I hold the giants life in my hand. Now renounce this bullshit and claim me as your king. Or-" Shinen was cut off bye an arrow that struck his chest. Bouncing off harmlessly. Shinen's face grows hot. "Very well then you have made up your damn mind, to screw me over! NOW, pay for your actions." The air grew thick. The giant looking at Shinen with curiosity. Instantly, all the men on the castle walls blew away in the wind, ashes. The giant gasped. Shinen smiled and dropped to his knees, sweat beaded on his forehead. He knelt there for a short time, then got up and walked away. Leaving the giant alone.

"Wait. How did you do that? Who will protect these people now that there is no army? What am i supposed to do now?"

"Dolthan, you protect these people, make sure they keep open minds to new people. I did it with magic, a powerful thing I have been attempting to do. I may come back. If I do, I may need help. Good bye."


Shinen walks away from the town forgetting his food, he turned around and looked back at the town, and his bags of food. Forget it, I begin my quest. Kings of distant places long pas tin maps, your time is up.

Chapter 3: Conscience? ( god damned conscience)

Shinen walks down the dirt road. What the hell am I going to do? I have to find the dragon and kill it, but what after that? what will I do after that. Shinen shakes his head. Forget it. Don't worry about that crap until it has come. HOW the hell am I supposed to kill a dragon. I could use... naw, that'd probably kill me, exerting to much energy.

Shinen walks for hours before he found any type of people. Thirsty and hungry he walked down the road, Until he saw a house. He walked up and into the house. Most people around this part didn't care to have visitors but he didn't sense anyone's energy so he walked right in, he grabbed himself a loaf of bread, and a glass of cold milk from the enchanted box. And sat at the table feet up on the table sitting on two of the four legs on the chair. Falling asleep, he sat there. Someone walks through the door. It was a little boy, around 8 years old followed by what he supposed was his mother, sister, and two other brothers. He was the youngest.

The mother bellowed "Get up to your rooms. I told you not to fight when I'm getting food!" Her green eye's move to Shinen. "What do you think your doing you bastard! Coming in here and eating all our food and drink. You better be able to pay for it. We don't have a lot of money." Her eye's got soft. Shinen knew these times where tough for her.

"Ma'am I apologize for eating your food, I should have known. Here." Shinen reaches into his bag on the table and produces one of the 5 money bags held in the bag. There was about 600 gold pieces in the bag. Pulls it out, and hands it over to the mother. "This is because you did not scream at the sight of me, and to repay you for the food i just ate. May your children grow strong and me men of honour."

"How much is in here?" The lady asks.

"As much that will be needed. Now speak of no one that i was here."

"Yes, Can i ask the name of our Charioteer?"

"My Name is Shinen Urakus."

Shinen runs out the door, and down the road. Not wanting to cry in front of the woman. And this is why I stopped killing people for money. All of the people that I have killed , all the families I have destroyed. I have been 'programmed' to ignore the consequences, to ignore pain, all the odds against me, and my own feelings for the job. It does come in handy, until you find a conscience. That damn other voice in your head telling you what's right, you can only ignore it for so long.

He hears rustling in the bush next to him, which snaps him out of his reverie. He readies himself for someone to lunge at him.

"You there, flamey... guy... do you have money?"

"Yes, why?"

"well to cross our part of this land you need to pay a tax. And well for one of your... stature, we need... a hundred gold pieces."

"And if i should choose not to pay, would you rough me up?" Shinen says dripping with sarcasm.

" Well my men and I would be happy to oblige you with a fight if you want one."

"Well then come with everything you have." Shinen pulls out The flame-berg from it's sheath, and sticks it into the ground. The man backed away expecting there to be Magic used. Though there was none. Shinen put the sword in the ground as a motion to show he was going to fight with his hands.

"To each his own. Men!" The strange man yelled. In an instant twenty-two more men dropped out of the tree.

This should be some good practice. I won't use much Magic, nor will I use my sword, that should put then in about equal placement, Psh, as if they could stand beside me and be called equals. Well i guess i gotta- He was cut off by a man thrusting a dagger at his throat. Shinen throws his arms on both sides of the guys arm and applies pressure, and SNAP! The dagger falls, and so does the guy, clutching his broken arm.

The other men seeing the sceptical become enraged for their fallen comrade. They pulled out their weapon of choice, and lunged and the man on fire. Swinging violently, hoping to fell the man.

Shinen let a man hit him lightly, which gave him and opening for a shot, he spun around and broke a mans nose with his foot, another man's skull cracked under his elbow. Shinen grinned, already half of the men lay on the ground hurt. The rest of the men stop hitting him and looks at him wide eyed. "What? I have never seen a man with such skill, that looks remotely like... you! such grace, such fluid motion, I've only seen that done by those damned elves." The leader said.

"Try your skills, one at a time if you think it can be done." Shinen says with a grin. he folded one arm behind his back. his heel against the hilt of the dagger protrude from the ground. Looking straight into the leaders eyes. "Why don't you come here, to show your men how it's done?"

"Very well." He pulls a knife from in his boot out and starts walking towards Shinen. Shinen kicks the dagger up into the hand behind his back, no one noticed, that is none of the men. The man got to Shinen and moved to strike his heart, before he could blink, the dagger Shinen held was at the mans throat. Shine's teeth bared, eye's aflame, looked at the man.

"Well, was that your best shot? Not good enough!" Shinen yelled. He heard frantic running coming down the road, the woman from earlier, she was running down the road, Shinen caught a hint of her fragrance on the wind, he stood there with the dagger rested up against the mans neck.

"Shinen! Don't, he's my husband! Please, he only did what he had to because we are poor, and as you can see, there's not enough food for us all." She reaches Shinen and starts crying. The man looks at her harshly, and Shinen puts a little more pressure on the dagger. Blood starts to trickle down the blade. He looks at the man. And removes the blade from his neck.

"Don't move." he tells the man, he puts his hand on the cut, and the man flinches, He cauterizes the cut. "Now, your wife saved your ass, thank her." the man thanked his wife. "I gave her one of my bags of gold, there is a lot of money there, spend it wisely. Be kind to your kids and her, your a lucky man to live today. Your men will be fine when i leave, I will heal them." Shinen puts the blade on the forefinger and flicks it into the air, and looks at the man. "I could have killed you all when you stopped me, I knew there where twenty-three of you, there are more like me, do not be so naive, they might not be looking for sport as I was. Again, be kind to your children." Shinen turns to leave he is stopped by a hand on his shoulder.

"Master Shinen, you are kind, and wise, how can we repay you?" The man asks. The woman walks up to him and throws her arms around his neck. Shinen instantly quells the fire for the period she hugs him. A fire erupts next to him, not being able to hold it in.

"You can't. Just remember you owe me." Once again aflame, Shinen walks away, not looking back. Dammit, what's wrong with me? Why do I care whats happening to people. Shinen walks down the road and jumps into a tree. All the men get up, healed fully. Shinen sits in the tree exasperated by how much energy he used. He lies there looking up at the clouds. sleep, when you wake, we will go. The voice was not Shinen's.

Chapter 4: That Damn Mage ( THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?)

The shadow man walks forward, Shinen fights with all his might, using his Left hand, The demon like thing, swings wide. Shinen ducks, there an elf appears to him, a misfit in a body. Then a dragon, rising up and killing Shinen. Just as releases his last breath he wakes up. Holy Shit!

He jumps to his feet, feeling the sudden rush of blood to his head, Shinen falls on his ass. He hears laughter.

"This is the mighty Shinen? well hell you may as well drop dead now." Came a cold voice.

"Show yourself, and see my power, I hear you, Though I don't see you. I'm guessing your out for the bounty on my head?"

"Not really, i just wanted to see the competition, though I'm sure you can't compete with me. Asale, Ice mage, Assassin's bane."

"Well that's a lovely title. I really don't care, your just another mage that let their head get as big as their Bull shit!"

The Mage walks out of a tree, and looks at Shinen. "Lets go."

Shinen drops off the tree branch and lands on a small piece of smooth green grass. The wind picks up, and Shinen's hair goes everywhere, flying about Shinen catches a cold chill, and looks at the Mage.

"So you are an Ice Mage? Then our powers will kill each other... when do we start?"

"Well if I'm stronger than you, then you will be the one that dies. When? Well how about now?" The Mage grins.

Shinen looks at the mage, And pulls the blade from his belt and it burst into flames, Shinen looks at the blade, One more time my friend, one more innocent, then we will move on. Shinen starts running towards the mage, an Ice staff pops out of the ground. There to meet the blade. Shinen Breaks the staff, and starts throwing fire balls, the mage counters with his ice balls. Shinen looks and grins, the mage has his feet open, Shinen splits his mind, one to throw the balls and one to melt the ground. Ice quits flying, Shinen sees the mages head above the ground, and walks over slowly, the mage struggling, Shinen puts the blade at the mages throat.

"You forgot how I kill people? Melted floor? Hrm, for a fellow, assassin, I thought this would be tougher." Shinen feels the ground shake. Shinen jumps into the tree behind him. just as a spire of ice forms right where he had been standing. "Well that was close. Not bad my friend, not good though, the ground moved." Shinen grins. "Work on it better." And turns and walks away.

"You agreed to fight me, turn around, now!"

"I did not agree to a slaughter! I will not kill someone who is as weak as you! Where is the sport in that." Shinen feels the cold, gather around him. Shinen's entire body becomes engulfed in flames. "I told you kid, I'm not going to do this." Shinen turns around looking at the mage, Ice flying his way, Shinen lets the ice encase him. The Mage smiles. He senses something is wrong, but dismisses it.

Instantly the ice starts to dissipate, melt away, The air grows hot, the ice cracks, steam billowing, Shinen walks into the fog. And disappears. Sweating the Ice Mage has no idea whats going on.

From behind the Mage Shinen rest his sword at the mages throat. "I warned you my friend. You took no heed to it, I could kill you now and be well within my rights. But, I do not wish to kill anymore, Now if you persist, no Magics of any type will save you. No trickery, nothing. Now leave."

The mage starts to walk away, turns and bites his thumb, blood pours out of it, and starts writing on the ground. Shinen turns and runs. You stupid bastard, you know mages will do this, they kill all who beat them. You dumb shit! You're in no condition to fight a damn Ice Dragon, let alone any damn dragon! RUN!

Shinen runs and turns around, he stops and feel the ground treble, he creates a spire of earth that protruded from the ground at the mage, it catches him under the chin, a silent scream for all time. Shinen feels the cold breath of death upon his feet. Shinen pushes the fire from his feet the slight ability to fly. Sailing through the air. What the hell am I supposed to do now? I have no where to go, I have money but with people thinking I am a demon, who would house me? who the hell would house me when I have a dragon on my ass? WHAT THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?" die... that's all Shinen could think of, this is how he was going to die, eaten by a god forsaken dragon, that a mage summoned, because he couldn't beat him by other means. son of a bi- Shinen was struck by an idea, he landed on the ground and ran for his life.

Chapter 5: Vulgarith ( UGH...)

The dragon was behind him now, far enough that he could sleep. It's big, no doubts on that, but it's slow... very slow, maybe if I can out run him, he'll melt! doubts on that though, they've been known to survive long enough to kill who they where sent after, but no one really has killed a mage in the years I've walked the earth, I've slept enough, here on this tree branch- He hears the dragon roar, far off in the distance. still have a lot of ground on it too, wonder how in the hell am I-

" I see you're in quite the trouble there sir."

"Aye, and who be you?" Shinen retorted with rude question in his voice.

"A man of sorts, I have been travelling for a long time, may I ask you, what is the trouble that you need to be perched like a bird, watching for a snake?"

"Heh, except the snake is at my ass, a dragon good sir, and if you value you life you would do kind to leave, in one piece." Shinen drops out of the tree and onto the ground, he see's a very large man, 7'4ish, with a sword as big as Shinen. "wait, what's your name"

"I have no name, well no human one, you may call me Vulgarith, and yours?"

" Well You may call me bob."

"Bob?" his face contorted under his hood as if to raise an eyebrow. Shinen seemed this to be odd, a demon out here? Why? They keep to the wastelands. " Come on, the best you could come up with, here let me guess, your name is Shinen, and you are the ex-famed assassin. right?"

"At your service." Shinen bows "Ah well you see, I have travelled to find you, Shinen, slayer of men, you see, I am Vulgarith, destroyer of demons, named so because I slaughtered my entire clan, I guess I have been around people so long, that I have picked up human emotions, I do not like it when humans get slaughtered, which for you, is unfortunate."

"Uh... what? if your talking about the people I have killed, I'm sorry, I live with that burden all my life, it reminds me-" Shinen taps the chest piece, " why I live."

"Really? you live to kill more? more innocents?" Vulgarith's voice raises. " You honestly did not know that all you have done is destroy good people? You think that the chest piece is enough for you to say your sorry? FOR ENDING LIVES? you sicken me."

"Yeah, I've killed people, and I know what I did was wrong and now I atone for it, I am destroying those who are evil, I have a quest I have sought out on and because you're some nut, that's gone on some god loving, good-for-dick-all quest, destroying people who YOU think are bad people, and you think what your doing is noble, I'm supposed to stop it? You think people will accept you for it? Get your head outta your ass and think for a moment"

"I seek not recognition only redemption." he said coldly.

"Ah, so you will just assume that you're right, and I will die, and the world will keep on turning, but what if, by some small chance, you where wrong, you didn't slaughter an innocent, but someone who was trying to turn their life around? someone who was trying to repay for all the evil they had committed? If you killed such a person would that not make you as bad as those you hate? Redemption eh, well I reckon you musta' done sumth'n perty wrong there in that demonic thing you call a life, to seek redemption. I didn't think it was in your vocabulary."

"Insulting me will not help matters much, but if you should want to know, redemption is in our vocabulary, we know it well, just because you perceive us as evil, does not mean that we all are. There are pleasant demons just as well as there are the not so kind ones, unfortunately, the more ruthless you are, the further you get, in my neck of the woods."

" As in mine, so what are you going to do with mr. I'm-a-kind-demon-yet-I'm-going-to-kill-you?"

" We will duel, though the odds are lightly in my favour." Vulgarith smiles and rips off his cloak. An ebony being, blacker than black, and oddly, missing an arm. Well then, he's missing an arm, he'll be slow pressed moving that sword around, it's bigger than me! And it was, it was 6 1/2 feet long, malice when into making it, you could tell from it's shape, problem is, which hand do I use, ah hell, been training all this while with my left, might as well use it to slay a demon with one arm, if he had two, I'd use my right, but even then I might be short pressed, very well then... How do I kill a demon?

" You cut off my head of course! I assume you where wondering about my arm as well? We all pay our price for the things we've done, but mine was my arm, as was you and your humanity, all I have is smoke where my arm should be, but I warn you now, do not take it lightly, I can use this sword one handed."

"Holy shit! really? well then, that's interesting," Shinen said with a smile," then I will use my left hand, seeing as how there's little point now to use my right, take you lightly, you have one arm, what sport this will be." Shinen smiled like a boy on Christmas morning.

Shinen burst into flames, he was excited, that he would have to fight a demon at full strength, he was far enough from the dragon, and for the first time that day, he looked to the sky, the sun was setting, what a lovely setting for a duel, damned if I do damned if I don't...

Chapter 6: Death duel. ( I so love the sound of that)

The demon stood there looking at Shinen, not moving, sizing him up. This man, may have been an assassin, but I heard he was arrogant and foolhardy, did he know I was here? did he know who and what I was? he couldn't have, he couldn't have sensed me, I sensed him when he came here late last night, but did he know I was here, did he know my purpose, I don't see how he could, this odd little man, what if what he says is right? what if he really is looking for what I am, to rectify the world, not just for humans but for everyone, does he know he can't do it alone, is he really that much of an idiot?

Shinen stares at the demon watching for movement. Where the hell did he come from? Hell, all I remember is coming after running from that god damned dragon, lying in a tree so nothing would kill me in my sleep, and poof, there he is, well paint me pink and call me sally, what the hell was that? Whatever... How the hell am I going to fight him? I mean, he's huge, that sword is huge, and like, god damn I'm screwed. As long as I fight him and wear him out, maybe he won't kill me after all, or I can tell him I have no wanting to fight him? yeah that'll work, no it won't, he really wants to kill me, for the people I have killed, even though I don't want to kill anymore, my friend, my sword, if I should fall, you will two, if that should happen, you will have another owner, I hope, and I pray, that they will be as good to you as I tried to be, this may be our last fight together, if it is, let us die in a blaze of glory for
the songs we hear. The sword's flames blaze higher.

"Well what are you thinking about Shinen? You are talking to your sword are you not? you do know that people have been put away for that don't you? It is a sign of being insane."

Shinen stares at his feet. " What I do with my sword is of no matter to you." Shinen's voice grows low and thoughtful, completely different from his own. " Everything has a soul, swords, rocks, trees, air, people, animals, me, hell even you, When you realize this you are one with the world, you are it, and it is you, that is what some people believe, is the answer to why we can use magics, we know and we flow. Now to the death, or what are the terms of this duel, I leave it to you, since you started it."

Vulgarith did something he hadn't done in a long time ( 300 years to be exact) he smiled. " You are a brave man, I shall give you that, very well, to the death, I would suppose, any last words?"

Shinen looks up with cold eye's and a stone cold face, the fire erupts, engulfing his body, his long brow hair, flying around wildly. " Only to tell you I'm sorry it had to come to this, I have no want, and no need to kill people anymore, other than some highly ranked people, and I assure you they are evil, when they are gone, wither I'm here and alive, or my soul wanders the lands, not until they all die will my soul be at piece, now come demon, my dark brethren, come at me with all you have, and let this be a battle for the ages, but first if it should so happen that I strike you down, do you have any last words."

" Well said my young man, well if it should happen you strike me down, I want you to have a clean heart about it, I will accept my fate anyway it is given to me, come at me Shinen, with all your might."

Shinen does just that, he ran at Vulgarith with blinding speed, Vulgarith matched his blow with a fluid movement, just barely though, Shinen slices and swings his sword with perfect accuracy, all the demon can do is keep up, Shinen backs of for a moment. " Slow huh? left hand sort of sucks, but I don't want to use my right just yet, come after me demon, I have stricken down hundreds of men and women! COME! WITH ALL YOUR MIGHT STRIKE ME DOWN! GOD KNOWS I DESERVE IT! DO IT!" Vulgarith was taken back by this show of emotion, so raw and honest. " GOD DAMMIT VULGARITH! I DON'T WANT TO KILL BUT IF YOU MAKE ME, THE SO FUCKING GOD I WILL!" Shinen moves to switch hands on the sword, Vulgarith moves to strike Shinen blocks but is taken back by the blow, Vulgarith put everything he had into the blows, going for the legs the arms the head, the waist thrusting and slicing the best way he could, he didn't seem to have an opening, spinning and jumping and thrusting, slicing and dicing the way he did when he was in a blood frenzy, but no matter how hard he hit Shinen, he would always block the next blow. Vulgarith was formulating a new fight plan. He swung his sword with all of his strength, it hit Shinen's sword and Shinen flew back into a tree.

This is it, I can't get up, Shinen coughs up blood, I'm going to die, I don't think switching hands will work, I doubt anything will work now. Shinen in a sitting position, tries to stand up, he makes it to his knees and can't move any further. I'm sorry father. I can't do this anymore, I can't do this anymore, I can't get up I have to quit...

" BULL SHIT!" a gruff old man said. " That's bull shit and you damn-well know it, get up Shinen, you're not fucking dead, you still have your will to live."

Shinen was five, back in the training grounds with his master, who he called father. The man however was not his father and told him so every time he called him so. He was 6'4 and a heavy man, Gray hair, he was in his forties, eye's as blue as the sky, full of muscle, and a scar over his right eye, from battle, an assassination gone horrible wrong, some news was leaked out, that he was coming, when he got back from killing his mark, he killed everyone that he found out knew the news. " GET UP BOY! Don't show emotion, it's of no use to people like us, we have to kill to live, it's them or us, you have to get up, for your father's sake!" he knew Shinen's father, it's why he had taken him in, his mother died of a sickness this past year, she was a beautiful lady, skin like a peach, beautiful as can be, and long beautiful blond hair, to this date Shinen could never remember her name or his father's, just Egil, and old Norse man.

" You are right father, you always are, I will never give up again, I swear it!" Shinen got up and grabbed the wooden sword and continued his training. A few weeks later Egil told Shinen there was nothing left for him to learn, he had taught him sword play, he had exorcised his mind everyday, there was no actual school for him to go to, so Egil had him do math in his head, to think on his toes, he had taught him, to use both hands for swordplay, and his better hand was always to be his last resort, one day Shinen had asked why. " Because, when all else fails and the enemy thinks they have won, you always have a couple tricks up your sleeve, you don't care wither you live or you die, you simply are, you have no emotions to stop you from doing things, you feel no pain, you have no heart, you've been fighting with the wrong hand." is what he said. to Shinen it sounded like a load of horse manure, at the time, as he grew up, he became to know and love and practice all that the man had taught him, when Shinen had learned all that he could, he was thrust into battle, to gain money, to see what man could best a child, the unfortunate part was Shinen was not given the money. a month after he had fought many men and won, Egil came to him and told him something horrible.

" Now listen to me boy, I have arranged for you to go live with the elves, they might not like us much, but I know a couple, they are not as bad folk as most believe them to be, remember all that I have thought you," Shinen was eight. " now, I only have one thing to teach you, people are frail, they can be bought and they can be swayed to do just about anything, as long as you remember this, you will be just fine. Now get on this here waggon, and go with your destiny." and without a word Shinen was gone, no tears, no thoughts other than when he would next meet the old man, he never did though-

" So, it seems you are hurt, pity shame." Vulgarith smiles, " I guess I will do you in now," he thrusts his sword at Shinen, Shinen moved just so it would hit his shoulder.

" You should learn to kill a man, and not talk." Shinen's eye's became slate, colder than cold, a normal man would hear the sounds of a grave digger digging his grave from looking into these eyes, for a fraction of an instant, Vulgarith was taken back, then he smiled a hideous smile and bared his sharp teeth at Shinen. Shinen switches sword hands and moves to strike Vulgarith, but he knew what Shinen was going to do before he did it, and Shinen's face was engulfed in the smoke that was his arm.

Vulgarith ran through Shinen's life in an instant. seeing all the people he had killed, all the people he had saved, hearing all of Shinen's thought's, being Shinen, living his life, Vulgarith knew what had to be done, he let go of Shinen's head, let go of the sword in the tree, and dropped onto one knee. Shinen felt like he had been run over by the waggon from his childhood, and fell to his side.

" I have seen what your life was, I have seen what you had to do to survive, you cold have done something different, but I saw what you did in the forest over yonder. you realize I could have killed you if I wanted to, your speech and your questions intrigued me, so I thought I would see what your past was, I have seen how that was etched into your chest, and how to get it off, I have seen your kindness, I will let you live, I will never speak of it again, I will let you talk about it, so what now Shinen, learner of the sacred arts?" Vulgarth picked Shinen up and propped him up against a tree, they hear the dragon roar, it's close very close.

" Well, " Shinen takes a deep painful breath." I'd suppose we've dispensed with all the pleasantries, I do believe my snake has appeared." Shinen, see's the dragon for the first time, since it was synthesized, it's head poking out of the tree's 100 feet away.

Chapter 7- ZOMG a dragon!

"HOLY SHIT!" Shinen yells.

Vulgarith was taken aback by the monster. Never in his travels had he seen an Ice Dragon. The way it moves without breaking surely magic is involved but, wow.

"That's nice and all to be gawking at the damned thing but you wanna help slay it?" Shinen runs towards the dragon as it roars again.

No, this is your battle my little friend. You need to deal with the demons of your past before you can start again. Go forth my new friend, go forth and be reborn. Vulgarith stands there sword tip on the ground.

Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit! This thing is HUGE. How the hell do I kill it? I face people not creatures! I know I'll cut off it's head! That should work right? Let's poll the audience! Guys what do you think will work? I die? I fight and become super awesome, or do I just wing it? Please write your answer now on the paper before you... Awesome wing it, I love winging it.

Shinen runs up to the dragon as it lets out another roar, umps and lands on it's back, digs his blade into its back and using two hands on the hilt, runs down the dragons back with the blade. The dragon roars in what would be perceived in pain, Shinen gets to it's tail, jumps and somersaults through the air landing and his feet on the ground. He takes a breath or triumph, only to get it stolen by the tail of the dragon crashing into his chest knocking him into a tree. Blade a couple feet away from him in the ground hilt up.

Wow, that hurt. Shinen tries to get up, and can't. Uh-oh. Blackness swallows him.

The dragon moves toward him, looking at him like he's about to be lunch. Vulgarith stands between the dragon and the unconscious man. " Brothers, I will not stand for this fighting. Dragon, begone with you before I have no other choice but to destroy you, I have no wish to, but if you are hell bent on destroying this man, I will intercede."

The dragon growls and roars at Vulgarith.

" Very well then, I see I cannot deter you from the goal of destroying this young man, then I shall have no other choice but to destroy you before you get to him, but I will have you know that I do not wish to kill you, but you leave me no choice." He attained his sword and waited for the dragon to move. It lashed out with it's massive tail, but Vulgarith parried with grace moving toward it, moving out of the way every time it lashed out. Close enough now to strike one blow Vulgarith chopped off it's head and watched it thrash around then melt into nothingness.

" Again I apologize brother, but he is more important due the fact he has a life to live, but if he should step on the wrong path, he will reach the same path as you."

Why do I live the way I do, why am I still alive? I should have died countless times, before going to the mountain, and yet here I am alive. What is my purpose? I hate the world and most of the people in it, and they hate me, so what is the point? Am I supposed to make the world a better place by killing someone? Enough people die today without cause, so why me? Am I doing God's work? I don't know. It makes me think though because, if I haven't died yet and nothing's stopped me, then maybe...

And what of Vulgarith? Why did he find me, look through my life, see my heart and see that I really regret all that I've done?

He starts walking down an old dirt road. The cobble stones ground down where people pushed their carts,grass sprouting from broken and missing stones. Nothing but valleys and grass, no sun but it's noons light and fog.

A man walks out into the open, oddly still covered by the fog, only an outline of him is visible.

This world of fallen man, men who sell their souls for a profit, men who do all they can to further themselves in life with no regards to what happens to those around him. Men who destroy our society ans massacre millions, for no one than their own gains. I thought that it was I who cleansed the world of this evil; destroyer of the destroyers. I have watched as so many men fell under my sword, never truly guessing what it is I do.

But why me? Why have I been the executioner? Why am I the one that kills? Why am I the one able to live through all of this shit?

" Well, have you thought that there is a higher power that allows you to continue to live with purpose?" The ghost calls.

" I have." Shinen nods. " but what purpose is it to kill? That would mean that everyone else purpose is to die."

" We all die eventually. That is the fact of life. But it's what you do before that time, that he" shadow points up. " finds purposeful."

Shinen shakes his head. " That's no purpose, it's what drives us, binds us, and guides us. Purpose or 'faith' is what our lives are based on. If god, whatever god there is, has a plan for us all, then we are not given free will, and if god has given us free will, then he has no true purpose for us all."

" Your absolutely right!" in an English accent. The shadow started moving his arms when he speaks, as if it amplified the words he spoke. " In a sense you see, you're supposed to do wrong, we know you will, but you have the choice to come back and apologize and turn away from the path you are set on. You see now? It's not the entire course of your life that's set, but only the end that goal that would be preferred if it was met. The exact way your life plays out is by chance. You have control over a few things that happen to you but, the ripple effect is larger than your feeble mind could grasp without imploding."

Shinen nodded. You're right. I suppose, I don't understand fully, but I feel that what you said is true. But I seek redemption for all that I have done, I want to make amend all the things I have done wrong, I want to be with Freyja and stay with her forever.

He walked up to the figure in the fog. " Who are you?"

The fog disappears and the man is unveiled. He looks almost exactly like Shinen except a few changes had been made; Blue trousers, they looked thick, a black long armed shirt that also looked thick and warm, and footwear that he had never seen before, they could not protect the foot from an arrow, they looked more for speed than for protection. Shorter air and facial hair growing on his upper lips and chin.

He shrugged." I am you," he smiled softly. " In a sense. I am your soul, reincarnated many times over and only once come for your guidance. You are meant for great things you won't understand until you have done them. Wake up Shinen and be reborn. Wake up. You'll be with her eventually"

Those words rang in his ears when he woke up. They filled him with warmth that was more than the fire on his chest, he felt it deep within his body, and was filled with new vigour.

He came to, Vulgarith standing in front of him about five feet away, dawning his cloak. Shinen's eyes were drawn to what lay in front of him in between his legs, the dragons severed head, for now stuck in a silent roar.

Shinen let out a small scream, " What the hell is that!" and jumped back only to be foiled by the tree, that he struck with his head. Brought back by his senses, he kicked the dragon head, it thawed and he became drenched, steam filled the air.

Vulgarith grinned, teeth bared (must have been a smile) " well I would suppose that it was a dragons head that had been lobbed of while someone was sleeping and placed before them for when they arose."

Shinen rose to his feet rubbing where he had hit the tree with his head. " Nice to see your morbid sense of humour I wish wasn't in existence. What happened?"

" It appeared, you attacked, most unsuccessfully I might add, you got knocked out, I protected you, placed the head there, waited for you to wake up, you are now awake, and so here we are."

After dusting himself off, Shinen walked up to the demon and shook the hand that was still there, after going for the one that wasn't and thinking better of it. " Thanks for saving my life. I really appreciate it, especially after the dream I had. So what are you going to do now?"

" Follow you."

Shinen looked up at Vulgarith. " You have human emotions, or at least some hint of it, but you really don't know how to be with us do you?"

" Unless ripping you to pieces and eating you is acceptable, no."

" Right, let's not do that. Study The way I interact with people, and try to act the same way, like smiling, smiling is key to human interaction, you should try it."

Vulgarith's lips curl off of his lips baring his teeth looking more sinister than he did before.

" Right something to work on." he said hurriedly. " Well I suppose that we should be off to Silvermeadow, it's the city before the forests protected by the elves. I have business there. Just for curiosity sake, why do you follow?"

" Like I had stated before, I seek Retribution. I want to be forgiven for all that I have done."

" Well if you should want to talk about it, it's a long road from here to there."

" Very well then Shinen my brother, I shall impart my life." Vulgarith makes the gesture to shake the Shinen's hand.

CHAPTER 8: Vulgarith's Beginning.

When the world was young, man walked the earth, and with him, demons. We are immortal, and adaptable, there were other races like dragons, but this story has nothing or very little to do with them.

The time where man started their societies is the time we became civil, capable of higher thought than wanting to kill and eat everything in sight. Human kind and demons are forever linked, the first man made a decision, to split himself in two, one light and one dark.

One went off and moved over the earth filling it with things he felt he would need; trees, water, sun, everything you currently have. He was the one who created others for companionship. He loved all and through that love created more in the world. He made magics and everything.

The other went below ground and was mutated by the hate and sorrow he felt after the split. Many names he has but to us he is father. He was the first of us, dark skinned Demons. We have another name for ourselves Bjofork Minard , meaning half being. He raised us, filling us with blood lust for the one who split from him, the one who betrayed him. We were raised warriors, men and women the same, no levels of society no currency, no animosity.

We were feral beasts, I can admit it, but as man progressed from the way they were so did we. From jutting jaw to more slim lined and more energy efficient.

Now onto me. Many years I have lived, never fully knowing what my existence meant. I never had a true thought of my own, it was always kill or be killed. In the city that I lived in (yes we had cities we have many underground) we held a tournament every ten years (since our lives are so much longer than yours we have no need to count years truthfully, and the ten years is give or take) For a very long time I was the champion of the city, and so had an appointed position in the guard of our city. (ranks in military just as mankind) and so for many years I watched man and made sure that no man came to our bourders without just reason.

When He was split he created the others from the ground and the dark, mindless drones for his insidious plot of destroying those on the surface. When he created me, he split his body in two, and so I am apart of him.

It took many years of fighting for me to be where I was, I was second to him. I guess he thought that I was like the others, mindless, obedient, serving only him, but I was not able to think like them. I thought I was defective, and so every time I went to fight him in the end of the tournament, I always lost, even though I could beat him.

I was stationed around our boarders, watching men and women come and go, watching them live and die. I started to wonder why we did not die. I stayed at my post for years, how long I don't know, but I thought the entire time I was there, I saw love and hate, death and birth. I was put there to make sure that no man would come into our domain without permission, I watched as groups of warriors went out and killed the humans, and they ate them. I felt sorrow, the people that have done nothing to us were being killed for no reason.

Years ago, a warrior party set out to kill more humans, painted up with chalk and blood, ready to kill in the name of their "King." As they crept across our boarder I followed them. I did not want to see more needless killing. I followed them into surface territory, and just as they were about to strike on a town I killed them all, just outside of the towns lights, I slashed them all and I received nought a nick.

I went back to my post, never disclosing what I did. The tournament was on it's way and I was not going to jeopardize my placement in it. I Fought my way back to him, and I asked him his name.

"An odd request, but it is Flodamire Vanderslack. And you son, are Vulgarith? Do you really believe that you can fight me and win?"

" I do, and I will, every time we have fought, I have held back, today that stops. And do not call me your son." I said in anger.

His face contorted wondering why I was able to say the things that I am able to say.

We fought. I almost killed him, but I allowed him to win. " You should see now that the way you think is incorrect and unwarranted, now yield to me so I do not have to kill my brother."

"I am not your equal. I am your superior. I yield so that one day I will kill you another day. KILL HIM!"

Everyone that was present, even those who were wounded, attempted to kill me, and to my dismay I slaughtered them all. He cut off my arm and it turned into smoke, I thought it was some magic and through years of travelling I was right.

I left, I didn't want to kill anyone anymore, I felt horrid after it all. So I left our realm, knowing he would be seeking me out, and hunting me down.

I have travelled for hundreds of years, no companion, knowing that the life I was given, was so done for more than senseless murder and blood lust. Over the years I stayed with people that didn't shun me, I made swords and told the stories of my people, letting others know that there had to be more like me. Staying with humans, some traits were imparted on me, or maybe it is that they were unlocked within, how these traits came to be I will not know, but they are there and for every moment I am alive, they grow.

I have partaken in many things I wish I had not done, but this is what I seek redemption for. I have destroyed a life with the actions I have taken for my ignorance to the world, one day when I have the ability to, I will apologize to that one person but that day is not today.

When I met Shinen, I had heard for twenty years that there was an assassin that could kill just about anyone, and that the protection that his mark had, meant nothing to him. A complete disregard for life. And that was fine, i was hell bent on destroying him, for destroying others.

I had set out to kill him until I looked into his mind and saw everything he had done was for survival and fun. He thought that life was a game that he was going to loose sometime, so he might as well play it as long as he can. He did really well later in his life. He was a fantastic man, he just had some problems that he would soon work out.

Chapter 9: silvermeadow

"Wow. I had no idea." Shinen keeps pace with Vulgarith while staring at him with awe.

" I have left pieces out, I am sure they will surface at one time or another, I cannot simply blurt out the entirety of my life, we do not have the time."

Shinen smiles. " Would take a couple of years, more than I got."


Shinen and Vulgarith walk for days and some night's. Stopping to hunt, eat, sleep, and spar. Shinen never stopped at one of the three towns on the route they took. When they spared Shinen never backed down and fought with everything he had at the end of the day.

It took them a week to reach Silvermeadow, by the end of that week Shinen was able to block and parry Vulgarith's blows, A useful talent that would come in handy when fighting someone else of great size or someone who wielded a very large blade.

Just below the hill laid the city of silvermeadow. A small city surrounded by low rock walls, like you'd see lining a farmers field, hardly worthy to keep invaders out. Houses built like the elves would, slender, and looking like if a stiff breeze came along it would blow them over, it doesn't look bad, but, frail. Around the city is silverstock, some of the best grain on the market for baking, hence the cities name. The tree line lay three day to the south.

" you humans, I will never understand why you have to name something, and naming your cities to be such obviousness." takes a deep breath, "it is trying sometimes."

" we name things so that we perceive they exist, like god, man cannot carry on life without the perception that there is something more and something bigger than us." Shinen states matter of factually.

"Still humans are odd."

As They near the city, they see a couple of guards beating a woman. Shinen runs to he woman and stands between the guard with blinding speed.

" What the hell are you doing beating this woman?"

" She was caught stealing! Who the hall are you?"

' I am a man, and I know right from wrong, why was she staling, if in fact she was?"

she looks up at Shinens back, " our rulers son has taken all the money we have, I was trying to survive, though I got caught this time, the people of this city are slowly being bled dry." she begins to cry.

Shinen hadn't see this before but her ears have a rounded point to them, and long thin hair. She's a half breed, no wonder why they were beating her, she's lower than I am in everyone else's eye's, I remember when i was sent here as a boy, after Egil sent me away. I will repay my debt. " how much did she steal?"

" 5 gold pieces of bread."

" Here is 100 gold, if you are of any measure a man, you will take this and remember the kindness shown here this day, and take note the next time someone else steals."

The guard's face showed awe, both at the amount of money and the words shinen used. " I see, and may I ask who the benefactor of the weak is?"

" I am Shinen Urakus, speak not of me, for I know you have heard stories of my exploits. I wish my time in this city to remain unheard. Understood?" Shinen raises an eyebrow while bearing an evil grin.

The guards had indeed heard of him, all three of them had being so young; Tales of an assassin that would take people into darkness and drag them to hell. Stories meant to keep children under control, though until now to only be that. " Understood." they say trembling. Then they walk fast away and back into the city.

Shinen picks up the girl and dusts her off. " are you alright?"

vulgarith walks behind Shinen, wearing his cloak as to not draw attention.

" Aye, as well as can be, those basterds, I dunne understand why they 'av' ta take that ol' grudge out on us."

" people fear change love, the world is changing, and humans feel as though they're going to be left behind. They don't seem to understand that they can mover forward as well, they just need to leave behind old grudges, they serve no purpose but to degrade and destroy."

" You're an odd one. Why dunne ye act like the res' o' you're clan?"

" I have seen the way man acts when they are afraid, and I feel sorry for them, not to mention I have been subject to there fear and loathing, I am a new bread of man, hopefully their future, though I am holding a grudge, and on a quest of revenge, it seems to be justified."

" I can 'kin. Wha' brings ye' 'ere?"

" I need supplies before heading into the forest of the elves, I have business there."

"An' wha' is this buisnis?"

"Nothing that should be spoken. I take my leave, Fair thee well." Shinen bows. A strange thought crosses his mind. Noone cares about the fame, why, have they seen such before? May chance because of the elves and half elves being here they've seen the likes before just not on a mortal man. Regardless, I need to see the king and his son, for I will not allow women to be beat.

He walked into the city. looking at all the people not one person screamed at the sight of himm, they just gave him enough birth so they wouldn't get burnt by his flame. A guard came up to him. " all weapons are to remain sheathed at all times, unless you're in the presence of the blacksmith, should you go to see our king, you are not permitted to have a weapon on you. Understood?"

"aye." shin walks away just looking the the people, in the middle of town there was dancing, pretty young women, elves of course, dancing as a tribute to the gods for good weather and a bountiful harvest. Music, voices and bread filled the air.

He continued walking just watching people, until he came to the kings house. There he disarmed the sabre and handed it to a guard.

" the armour as well."

Shinen points to the char marks on his skin, " I'm a little attached to it."

" go on. He's expecting you."

The house is just a normal house, save for it's size. Three times bigger than any house he had seen in the city, with a straw roof, wooden beams, white walls, the floors polished to perfection. Beautiful women act as servers for the king, carrying food and drink and many things the king would need. One stopped and asked him where he thought he was going, he simply relied, the king. She showed him to the viewing chambers.

The king was already there waiting for him. " Ah, Master Shinen!" he smiles and welcomes him.

Shinen bowed and sat on the floor. " Aye, how are you Gerald? You're not looking so good."

The king looked older than he was, dark shadows under his wrinkled eyes. His body small and frail like a man who had seen to many winters in his life time. (think dumbledore mixed with george dekay)

" I'd be well off should my son listen but alas, the tales of youth. What brings you to this city of mine?"

" Information, supplies, to see you." shinen smiles. " I have a question though, what the hell are people stealing for? I remember this place being beautiful and there being very little disturbances."

a low raspy laugh. " Agreed. My son has taken over many of my responsibilities. The people do not like him, his heart is cold, and he does not have many friends. I fear I have failed as a father. He has done so many things that are wrong, I fear that someone with your skills will take him from me."

" As usual, I'll be blunt, the guards were beating a young girl upon my arrival, it took all my self control not to ill them. I figured I'd come to see you and what was going on before I decide to pursue the matter further. Now knowing that it is your son at fault for this, I have mixed ideas of what to do, I have seen people of power this way, after this leads to innocent death." he looks at the floor trying to find an answer.

"You are not a son of mine, though you may as well be, since the night you came to my chamber, and were unable to follow through with the orders given to you, we have had this relationship. I value your truth, and I know an idea is to kill him, I beg you, do not do this, he is young still but-"

"But nothing! It's men like he that did THIS," he points at the chest piece, " and why? They could have set me off in seclusion, or killed me, or done a thousand and one things with me, but no they left me live, and to shame, death would have been a release from this hell, but now I have grown to love my cell. I will not kill your son now, I wish only to speak to him. In private"

The king nodded. " I understand, be known my friend, I will not remain of this world and although you damn the gods for what has befallen you, they must love you. I shall let one of the wenches take you to him. I fear this will be the last time we will meet Master Shinen. Let me give you one piece of information."